What to Wear in Paris, France for Spring Outfit Options

What to wear in Paris France Outfit Options 1-10 #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

Outfit 1 – Black Turtleneck | Black Pants | Watch | Tote | Flats
Outfit 2 – Blue Blouse | Jeans | Scarf | Tote | Boots
Outfit 3 – Camisole | Skirt | Black Jacket | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 4 – White Blouse | Grey Pants | Wool Jacket | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 5 – Striped Shirt | Black Pants | Tote | Boots
Outfit 6 – Dress | Camel Cardigan | Watch | Clutch | Flats
Outfit 7 – Black Tunic | Jeans | Tote | Boots
Outfit 8 – Black Turtleneck | Skirt | Clutch | Flats
Outfit 9 – Camisole | Grey Pants | Black Jacket | Clutch | Watch | Heels
Outfit 10 – Grey Sweater | Black Jeans | Tote | Boots

Spending 5 days in Paris followed by a 7 day cruise along the Rhone River sounds like an incredible honeymoon, which is what these outfits were put together for. This is the outfit option post from What to Pack for Paris, France in the Spring (where you can see all the pieces laid out in a packing list fashion). While the trip is for 12 days I put together 20 outfit ideas that would take you through a variety of outings. Sightseeing, dinners of ranging levels of formal, walking, shopping, or just hanging out on the cruise ship enjoying the view.

April is an unpredictable month weather wise so I included a lot of sweaters and easy to layer items. Tights, or leggings are a good option to bring to layer underneath skirts, dresses, and even jeans if there is a really cold spell or on the boat where it can feel colder on the water. I really like this colour palette, and one of my favourite colours accents to add to blue, black, grey, and white is camel. It is only in 3 pieces (flats, cardigan, and scarf) but it really pops when you scroll through. I think an important step in putting together a travel wardrobe is to pick an accent colour that really contrasts nicely with what you have. It really ties things together.

Next week is a packing list for Murcia, Spain in Late December – early January.

Red is the accent colour I seem to have in my personal wardrobe, but I would really like to introduce more camel tones because I love it. Do you have a favourite accent colour?

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What to wear in PAris France Outfit Options 11-20 #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

Outfit 11 – Blue Blouse | Camel Cardigan | Black Pants | Tote | Flats
Outfit 12 – White Blouse | Jeans | Black Jacket | Watch | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 13 – Striped Shirt | Skirt | Wool Jacket | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 14 – Black Tunic | Grey Pants | Scarf | Tote | Flats
Outfit 15 – Dress | Wool Coat | Watch | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 16 – White Blouse | Black Pants | Cardigan | Tote | Boots
Outfit 17 – Black Turtleneck | Jeans | Tote | Flats
Outfit 18 – Grey Sweater | Skirt | Scarf | Tote | Flats
Outfit 19 – Camisole | Jeans | Black Jacket | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 20 – Blue Blouse | Grey Pants | Cardigan | Clutch | Boots

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    • I’m so glad! Sometimes it’s hard to know if I am going the right direction, so I hope it gives some inspiration 🙂 Have a great trip!


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