What to Wear in Cambodia

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Outfit 1 – Grey Tank | White Linen Pants | Hat | Crossbody | Sandals
Outfit 2 – Blue Dress | Sunglasses | Tote | Espadrilles
Outfit 3 – Pink Shirt | Black Pants | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 4 – Black Dress | White Blouse | Crossbody | Espadrilles
Outfit 5 – White T-shirt | White Linen Pants | Hat | Sunglasses | Crossbody | Sandals
Outfit 6 – Blue Dress | Cardigan | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 7 – Grey Tank | Black Pants | White Blouse | Crossbody | Espadrilles
Outfit 8 – Swimsuit | Sarong | Hat | Sunglasses | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 9 – Pink Shirt | White Linen Pants | Sunglasses | Tote | Slip-ons
Outfit 10 –  Black Dress | Scarf | Crossbody | Espadrilles

In the last post What to Pack for Cambodia I said that you need to pack based on your itinerary because there are a vast variety of things to do in Cambodia that need very specialized packing lists. Many visitors spend time walking the jungles and depending on the time of year your packing needs would fluctuate. This packing list reflects a city and beach vacation. WHile Cambodia is very hot at any time of the year, certain months are less hot and less wet. The request for this list is for a December vacation which isn’t as hot, nor during the rainy season.

Since it is so hot the best fabrics to  include are lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen. Because the sun can be very intense during afternoons I chose to include a long sleeve, light blouse to wear to keep the skin covered. A light night scarf also works well as a cover from the heat and/or for modesty while entering temples and certain buildings. It is easy to keep the shirt tied around your waist or in your purse with the scarf in case you need it. Since Cambodia can be modest I chose a one pieces swimsuit and a nice sarong cover (which doubles as a beach blanket). Most of the items are from Mango as a request because it an easy retailer to have shipped to her location. Each one of these pieces are easily procured in a variety of stores (or from your own closet).

I hope you have a great vacation, thanks for the request 🙂

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