What to Pack for Christmas in Europe

Today I am fast forwarding to Christmas. I am talking about a requested packing list for spending Christmas in Europe. We as a family were supposed to spend Christmas in Europe this year but the show Tom is working on currently did not leave much room for a vacation and trying to save for it this summer was an uphill battle that we lost so we postponed.

Shortly after admitting defeat I received an email asking for help for how to pack light for this trip. She is unaccustomed to cold weather so I included lots of warm sweaters and layerable pieces which will help while acclimatizing. The trip is covering Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, Prague, Salzburg, and several of the Mountain Villages which are amazing at Christmas.

They also will be skiing and snowboarding, but to cut down on packing decided that they will be renting everything that they needed once they get there. This is actually quite smart since all the pieces you would need would end up taking a whole suitcase of their own.

I included a versatile black dress for more formal occasions and a casual dress, several pairs of pants, and leggings that can be used to layer under dresses, for exercise, bed, and as a base layer under snow pants when skiing. A knit hat, scarf, and gloves along with a wool coat are the winter weather pieces to keep you comfortable while sightseeing and travelling. Packing light is possible even during the winter season with a little planning. Outfit options will be in Friday’s post.

What are your favourite things to pack on a winter vacation?

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  1. Great travel wardrobe, Sara. I’m loving that coat in particular. Oh, and that ruffled top is very pretty.

    How is your toe doing? Hope it’s feeling much better. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith! I’m not going to lie, it hurts. I don’t know if I am clumsy or extra spastic but I got it caught on a yoga mat the other day. How I caught it on something flat no one knows, but it still hurts a lot. The bruising is now gone, though and wearing shoes isn’t as bad. I hope it’s on the mend. I decided to wrap it tightly when at home so I don’t get it caught on anything else because it’s getting ridiculous 😉


  2. I’m really enjoying this series, and would love to see how you work with smaller wardrobes for one-week trips as well. We’re going to spend a week in Oregon in early November, including Portland, the coast and Bend. My style is pretty simple, lots of basics and neutrals and I’d like to pack as light as possible. Would you consider doing a travel capsule for this trip? Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Loving this list, especially the color palette. Thank you for putting it together! I don’t know how I packed before all your wonderful packing posts.

    • Thank you! That’s the reason I keep doing it. You guys keep me motivated and give me inspiration 🙂

  4. Your post immediately caught my eye because I have a pic I took from the exact same spot in Edinburgh! Too funny. I love your site;
    I came for the thumbnail but stayed for the packing tips ; )

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