What to Pack for a 4 Day Fall Getaway

I tend to stick to a 10 day packing list on here but once in a while I get requests for shorter durations. Anywhere from a weekend getaway to a month have been the norm for me and this week it is for a 4 day getaway that includes a birthday and a fall outdoor wedding.  I needed to come up with a list that included several days of seasonably fashionable outfits and one wedding outfit that will be suitable for fall weather.

Two Sweaters, a white blouse, striped long sleeve, a pair of jeans, and black pants, flats and sneakers cover the outfits. A black dress with a camel coloured wrap and leopard print shoes are for the wedding. The outerwear is the wrap and a trench, with one scarf, a regular purse, and a clutch or the wedding.

Any jewellery is easy to pack and won’t take much room. The wrap is warm, dressy and the perfect fall colour, but any kind of cape, shawl/wrap, or pashmina will work as long as it isn’t too casual looking. There is enough clothes to get at least 10 days worth of outfits so there should be plenty of options for 4 days.

I will put together a 10 outfit options list for this Friday’s post.

What do you like to wear for a fall wedding?

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