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New Fall items #fallfashion

No. 1 – Brown Sweater • Zara | No. 2 – Grey Sweater • Mango | No. 3 – Tie waist Sweatshirt • Zara | No. 4 Strappy Flats • Zara | No. 5 – Jeans • H&M* | No. 6 – Peasant  Shirt • Zara | No. 7 – Adidas Gazelles • Urban Outfitters
*I Included these jeans because they are quickly becoming my favourites even though I bought them in June.

I’m going to be honest. I have bought a few wardrobe items lately. Last month you know that I bought two sweaters. One to replace a worn one, and the other because I realized last winter that I didn’t have enough sweaters. I may actually get another oversized cowl neck or a cardigan for winter as well to round out the selection. I just haven’t really looked. In June I bought what are now one of my favourite pairs of jeans, and I recently bought a peasant shirt and a black tie waist sweatshirt as well. I spread it out somewhat so it doesn’t seem that bad, and I am sure to many that it isn’t because in the grand scheme of things I have seen people drop 5x that amount in one shopping trip. Although I still feel a little guilty since I am trying to cut it down as much as possible.

Over the weekend I cleaned my closet and did a shoe inventory while the girls attempted to clean theirs. I decided that a few shoe wardrobe holes I would like to fill are ballet flats and sneakers (I have converse but I want a more sneaker style). Tom forgot to buy me my birthday sneakers until I kindly remind him on Friday, so they should arrive in the mail soon. He said, “whoops, you should have reminded me”, and I responded that, “It was no biggie and I was just going to buy them myself.” which prompted him to order them. Passive aggressive? Yes, but sometimes he needs a little nudge or reminder. If I didn’t make sure to buy everything then the kids would have nothing on any holidays or birthday’s so I am not ashamed 😉

I had some black flats that I bought three years ago but I didn’t love the way they looked so I recently donated them since they didn’t get any wear. I’m sure someone will get a lot of use out of them.  They were the d’orsay style and although I love the look of d’orsay they seemed emphasize how narrow my feet are and make my ankles look skinnier.

Note: This isn’t a woe is me post, but it is my own personal issue that has carried over from my teenage years. I wore a uniform in high school and people always, always made derogatory comments on how skinny my legs and ankles were. They would even say I had an eating disorder and nicknamed me ATV (anorexic tapeworm virus). Nice huh? It got to the point that I would wear several pairs of tights at a time trying to make my legs look fuller. That stupid mental shit stuck with me and I am still super conscious of legs and ankles and never fully comfortable baring them. Long story short, I donated my flats that I wasn’t comfortable in to make room for something that I was, and after about 9 months I found the above ones at Zara on the weekend. I like them a lot. A strappy flat with a twist. They seem quite comfortable even with a sore toe.

So the moral of this story is don’t keep what doesn’t make you feel good about yourself and sometimes you need a seasonal closet refresher even though you are trying to be a minimalist 😉 

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  1. Wow, Sara, it sounds like you heard the same crap a friend of mine (who has great ankles like yours) heard early on. Like you, it left her scarred and very self-conscious about her ankles. I always envied her ankles, so I don’t understand the mean spirited weirdness. It’s more likely these same people actually wished they had her ankles.

    It seems I’m continually weeding out items in my wardrobe, either because of inferior quality (I really hate pilling) or something just isn’t living up to my expectations. I have a few things on my wish list, although I may give up on the moto jacket pursuit. I’d love to find a pair of platform boots that are actually comfortable, for one. I also want a few new sweaters, plus a light-weight, long plaid coat I have my eye on. And there’s the elusive midi length black skirt. Now I have your pair of jeans in the shopping cart.

    I hope you have a fine week and success with rounding out your wardrobe. Cheers, Ardith

    • A quick response before I run out the door. If you are looking at the jeans size up! I had to go up a few sizes. They have some stretch but definitely fit small.

    • Also, kids are mean. I really wish that crap didn’t carry forward for 20+ years but I guess it kind of just burns itself into your brain.

      I find myself doing a lot of weeding and upgrading. I invested in a nice winter coat two years ago after 7 years without one which is bizarre since it can get super cold. It’s nice to have the warmth even though it’s a knee length parka and not super fashionable 😉 winter boots are next on the list for both me and the girls.

      I hate pilling too and I always get it in the spot that my purse hangs from rubbing. My mom had an electric pull remover when I was a kid, and I thought it was fun so she would always give me her sweaters to de-pill. I should look for one because it was pretty handy.


      • Thanks for the heads up on sizing those jeans, will do.

        Yes, kids can definitely be mean…and they have no idea the long term damage they can do. FYI, your ankles are more than fine.

        I have a mid-calf quilted (as in not real puffy) black coat with a faux fur edged hood I bought in 2014. It’s pretty stylish for what it is, as well as toasty. I bought it for Idaho winters so it definitely does the job. I’m still very happy with it.

        I hope you and the girls have fun finding new winter boots.

        Ha, ha, the de-piller, I think I may still have one. It works up to a point, but eventually the pills just take over. You’re absolutely right about pills converging where you carry a purse.

        Meanwhile, we have to replace the hall bathroom vanity top and faucet and so far both Lowes and Home Depot are letting us down. And we have visitors coming in about two weeks! Yikes!

        Cheers, Ardith

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