What I Wore This Week

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

Outfit 1 – Sweater • Mango | Jeans • H&M
Outfit 2 – Band Tee • Thrifted (similar) | Leather Jacket • Zara | Jeans • Gap | Vans
Outfit 3 – Dress • Asos (similar) | Leather Jacket • Zara | Converse
Outfit 4 – Kimono Top • Madewell (similar)
Outfit 5 –  Striped Shirt • Zara | Blazer • H&M (similar) | Shorts • H&M (similar) |
Sandals • Etsy

What a weekend. I swear to god I was ready to run out the door and down to the closest pub and drink myself into an oblivion. This is a quick summary:

  1. My kids can’t keep their room clean for shit. It is always a complete disaster and I have no idea how it gets that way one day after being cleaned top to bottom. I asked them to get in there 50 times this weekend and I am about to box every thing up and throw it down the garbage chute. Do you think that would get a good reaction?
  2. Tom threw a pair of gross, dirty dark coloured running shoes into my load of white laundry I was washing. I got pissed and removed the water-logged shoes and tossed them in the tub to drain telling him they can go in with the darks. He took them out of the tub and put them in the dryer while still saturated. Seriously dude? What are you, new?
  3. I went grocery shopping, bought a bunch of stuff, bananas being one of them. They have somehow disappeared along the way from paying for them and home. They are on the receipt but not in any bag. I have tried to drink a green smoothie everyday for the last few weeks to up my healthy food intake and bananas are important to add a sweeter flavour. Now I have to walk over tomorrow and get some more which is a pain in the ass.
  4. We went to Ikea today because I was on a mission for a new mirror. I saw one in Kijiji to buy second-hand but that didn’t pan out. Ikea offered some nice large ones for a really good price but it was chaos in there today so I wanted to get in and get out as fast as possible (which isn’t very fast when you are stuck in a mob of people). I presume it was so busy because school starts next week and they were all buying things to outfit their new apartments or dorms. When I worked retail the week before Labour Day and back-to-school was our busiest time. I was also the time that our computer systems crapped out and we had to do all transactions on handbills and calculators (this happened two years in a row). Talk about stressful 😉 Anyway, Merle was being so bad in there that I wished I owned Dorothy’s shoes so I could click myself home.
  5. I have kept forgetting to buy some paint for Merle’s wings for her Weeping Angel costume for Comicon/Fanexpo which is next weekend. I asked Tom to bring home some grey spray paint because he works next to a hardware store and he brings me home silver costume hairspray :/ So I sprayed the wings to give it a lighter base and have to try to find some tomorrow when I picked up bananas. Why can’t people follow simple requests/directions?
  6. Tom just cut his hand with a knife. He is currently in the hospital getting stitches. Edit to add: He got 15 stitches and groaned and moaned all night. He asked me why they didn’t give him anything for the pain and I was like, “I had a caesarean and all I got was Tylenol and Ibuprofen to deal with the pain at home. They don’t just hand them out like that.”

I know that these are all “First World Problems” but crammed in to two days is annoying. At least have the courtesy to spread it over the space of a week 😉

How was your weekend?

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  1. I absolutely feel your pain, Sara. I’m so sorry you had such a $^%$$# weekend. If it’s any consolation, you certainly looked awesome in the face of a lot of frustration.

    I’m also sorry about Mr. Tom’s hand injury.

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