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What to pack for Stockholm Sweden Packing light List for August #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

Tank • H&M | T-shirt • J.Crew | White Blouse • H&M | Black Top • Mango |
Chambray Top • J.Crew | Pullover • H&M | Long Cardigan • Mango | Blazer • Wallis |
Casual Dress • Madewell | Dress • Mango | White Denim • J. Brand | Denim • H&M |
Black Pants • H&M | Hat • Volcom | Neutral Scarf • Nordstrom | Colourful Scarf • Ketzali |
Sunglasses • Le Specs | Booties • Nordstrom | Sneakers • Converse | Sandals • Birkenstock |
Tote • Milly | Crossbody • TJ Maxx

This packing list comes via request from a mom of two young girls for 7 days in Stockholm in August. I tried to keep the list  casual and comfortable, but still chic because I know what it’s like chase two kids all day. There really isn’t much room for tight, short dresses, and high heels when you are looking for comfort and ease. She also has access to laundry so I could have really lightened up this list even more but I don’t want you being a slave to laundry on vacation.

August is the second warmest month in Stockholm with an average of 17°C and a high of 20°C. This is my favourite temperature by far. The nights can cool down to around 13°C which is why I included one more pair of pants that I would usually include for 7 days and some sweaters even though this is a summer trip.

I want enough options that you can dress in sweaters and jeans in the evening to stay warm without having to bring several jackets. The light jacket that I included was a blazer which I added for is dressing up purposes but can easily be switched with a jean jacket, leather, cargo, trench, whichever is your style or that you own and wear the most.

These lists are very flexible as nothing is ever perfect for everyone, so take it as a guidance and then build your travel wardrobe from your own pieces choosing styles and colours that suit you best. I try to stay to more neutral colours for its versatility and out of my own preferences, with one accent colour being my go-to and then I build around that. Scarves and accessories are good ways to also incorporate colours into your wardrobe with ease while still ensuring that everyhting will mix and match.

Outfit options for this list will be in Friday’s post. I tried to build this with as many items as you already own and I hope that this is able to give you some ideas and will help aid you in your travel capsule.

Thanks so much for the request Robyn.

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