What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week #ootd

What I Wore This Week #ootd

What I Wore This Week #ootd

What I Wore This Week #ootd

White T-shirt • H&M (similar) | Leather Jacket • Zara | Boyfriend Jeans • Gap | Converse Hi-tops
Grey T-shirt • Zara | Vans Slip-ons | Striped Tank • Express (similar)Distressed Jeans • H&M |
Wool Hat • H&M (similar) | Brown Flats • Zara (similar) | Black T-shirt • Madewell | Black Jeans • Zara |
Crossybody • Urban Outfitters

Somehow or another I fell back a week in the what I wore posts. This week is actually more like a week and a half ago when there were some brutally hot days mixed in there. Mostly t-shirts and jeans, nothing fancy as usual 😉

For the past few weeks I have noticed some hair breakage around the crown of my head. At first I thought it was from harsh over the counter hair dyes, but as I was getting ready for bed a few nights ago I clued in that it was from my frequent messy buns. I have routinely coiled my hair up into a bun every single night for years. It is my go-to lazy hairdo, especially in summer. It never even crossed my mind that, that was the cause of it, so now I have to find a new bed time hair-do that will keep my hair off my face that doesn’t involve an elastic around my crown.

Is it just me or is it really f*ing difficult to save for a vacation? We are trying to save for a Christmas in Europe vacation for this year and it’s like $100 into savings and $300 out sort of deal. There seems like there are so many expenses that keep creeping up. Our car lease is up really soon and we have to get another which will be an increase in monthly payments, and we have to pay the mileage overage on our current car because we drove the shit out of it when Tom had to travel for work a couple of years ago. We always seem like we are playing catch up with the bills and there never seems like there is anything left over for savings. It doesn’t help that we live in one of the most expensive cities in the country either because this increases rent/mortgages, food (which is super expensive in this country to begin with), and pretty much every other expense you can think of.  Such is life. I guess it will make us appreciate it more when we get there.

Disclaimer: This is my self-pitying post of the month 😉

Do you have any tips on how to successfully save for holidays?

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  1. Hi Sara, we just returned from a fantastic vacation (the first in many, many years) with friends hosting us in Colorado. It was the best holiday we could ask for, but even though we stayed with friends it still cost us around $1000. That said, our friends have visited us plenty over the years, so we definitely owed them a visit. Fortunately, a writing gig I finished up right before the trip more than paid for it.

    I was happy to find a few travel wardrobe additions I needed at a local thrift store. My favorites are the brand-new mermaid-style maxi black denim skirt, and a black linen a-line midi skirt. They were perfect for the trip and are now staples in my capsule wardrobe.

    I wish I could offer you some sage savings advice, but time and money challenges are all too familiar to us as well (as you can tell from our vacation schedule, or rather lack thereof). On the flip side, we love our home and enjoy where we live, so that makes up for the lack of travel.

    • I am glad that you got a great vacation after that many years. It makes the wait well worth it. I have been hearing a lot of vacation horror stories lately too which can be disheartening, so I am glad it worked out well. While I really like the city I live in I would love to be able to live somewhere cheaper, but with Tom’s job being in film there are really only two cities that he can work in, in this country. The other one is Vancouver which is even more expensive even though I would love to live there (I lived on the outskirts as a child and those 4 years were the best memories of my childhood).

      We have been hitting the thrift stores hard lately and I have been finding a lot of great things for the house. I have been meaning to make a thrift store haul post for a while but keep getting sidetracked. I have also been looking for a jean jacket every time we go. I bought an awesome one back in 1998 and wore it for YEARS. Right into my mid 20’s when it vanished. I haven’t seen it in 10 years and it suddenly reappeared in my husbands closet. I have no idea if it has been there the whole time and he has never noticed it because he has nine million denim things but it’s back and I am happy. A perfectly worn in jean jacket that is practically vintage now 😉 I’m glad it disappeared because I probably would have purged it through one of my cutthroat closet purges.


      • Yikes, Sara, I’m sorry for the people having those nightmare vacations. Sounds like that could be a post in itself…with advice on how best to avoid issues or recover from them during the vacation.

        I love Vancouver, especially the people, but it is definitely expensive even for a visitor.

        So glad your denim jacket reappeared at such an opportune moment. Cheers. I’d love to stumble upon a great moto jacket at the local thrift shop, though I think it would be a bit of a miracle. Fingers crossed nonetheless.

        Hope you all have a fine weekend, Ardith

  2. Sell old stuff on eBay! 🙂 That’s how I get things that aren’t in the budget. (PS. can you send me the stock # for the Zara v-neck tee, please? Their site has pages of tee shirts & I’m not certain which one it is.) Thanks so much for all you do. You so rock!

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