What to Pack for New Zealand Teen Edition

What to Pack for New Zealand Teen Edition Packing Light #packinglight #travellight #travel #traveltipsTank • H&M | T-shirt • James Perse | Graphic Tee • H&M | Long Sleeve • H&M |
Striped Shirt • Topshop | Dressy Top • H&M | Plaid Shirt • H&M | Cardigan • Madewell |
Sweater • Mango | Sweatshirt • H&M | Skirt • Madewell | Casual Dress • H&M |
Jacket • H&M | Distressed Denim • American Eagle | Grey Denim • H&M |
Black Pants • H&M | Leggings • Splendid| Backpack • Selfridges | Crossbody • Nordstrom|
Knit Hat • Nordstrom | Scarf • Ralph Lauren | Sneakers • Nike | Casual Shoes • Vans |
Ankle Boots • Topshop

I get a lot of requests, more than I can keep up with recently, so I have had to regretfully turn some down if they are similar to ones that I have already done. These can be time-consuming so I don’t want to make and promises and then be unable to fulfill them last-minute causing issues for someone who may have been waiting on it.

Of all the requests I have received I have never received on from a teenager until recently. I had to think back to being a teenager a zillion years ago and use some teens that I know as inspiration as well. It’s funny in a way because so many of the styles that are available in stores are very similar to when I was a teen. Like, so similar it’s like going back in time shopping. Except when I was young there weren’t as many fast fashion options as today. We had a handful of stores that had to make do because online shopping didn’t exist. It’s shocking how I survived 😉 I bought my daughter her first pair of Doc Marten’s last year. She was the exact same age as I was when I got my first pair. It was weird.

This list is for a teen who is going on a school sports trip to Auckland, New Zealand for around 3 weeks. It will be winter temperatures (the average July temperature for Auckland is 11°C which isn’t too bad) when she goes and she will also be doing a lot of sports (obviously), and outdoorsy type things.

She dresses simple, and casual, (think distressed jeans and sneakers), with maybe some Sunday casual options in case there are some celebratory outings. I admit that this was a hard one for me so I apologize for how long it took and I hope that it gives you some ideas. I definitely could cut down this list but with the sports and physical activity involved I wanted to make sure you had enough clothes. Outfit options are in this post.

How many of you get nostalgic when you see all the grunge inspired stuff in stores?

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