What I Wore This Week

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

Band T-shirt • Urban Outfitters | Blazer • H&M (similar) | Distressed Jeans • H&M |
Tan Booties • Winners (same) | Purse • Urban Outfitters | Striped Shirt • Everlane | Black Jeans • H&M |
Leather Jacket • Zara | Blue Jeans • H&M | Oversized Grey Sweatershirt • Zara | Boots • Frye |
Black Sweater • Zara | Black Pants • H&M | Slip-ons • Vans

The weekends done and I am scrambling to finish some things that I hoped to have done by now. Here is my round-up of what I wore the last week. One is kind of hard to see because I had a cute photo bomber, her outfit was better than mine though 😉

  • For Mother’s Day the girls picked me out a small lime tree, a planter of potted succulents, and a cactus. Obviously they know me well enough not get me plants that require a lot of maintenance. They named the tree Neville (because Neville Longbottom excelled at herbology) and the cactus is Dan. Dan already spiked me twice.
  • We went to an awesome antique shop in Dundas, Ontario called Clappison Corners Antiques. So many great things there, and so many things that I wished I could bring home. An old phone booth I wanted to make in to a Tardis, a Suit and Armor that I would rearrange my whole place just to find room for it, and a massive bed that looked like a Hogwarts dormitory bed but cost $3695. I think the bed was a large as the entire bedroom, definitely not a small condo bed.
  • I finally found a crossbody that I liked. I popped in to Urban Outfitters a few days ago and there it was hanging on the wall in three colours giving me it’s Siren’s call. I had no idea which colour to get and since I am a “when in doubt buy it in black” kind of person. So Merle and I went and bought a Booster Juice and I sat down and messaged my favourite moms/friends from my Facebook mom group asking them which colour and it was unanimous, so I bought it in the camel.
  • Here is a healthy lifestyle check-in. I exercised 5 days last week which is huge for me because I usually end up missing one. I also ate the healthiest I have in a really long time (if not ever). I fell off the wagon a bit on Saturday night when we ordered pizza but I will consider it my cheat day. Here’s hoping for another good week and seeing some results soon.

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    • It does have a one! I think my favourite part is the fold over, funnel neck type opening. I kind of want it in another colour too 😉 it’s a simple style but interesting. I like interesting.

  1. It’s a perfect style to travel with, because no one can pick pocket your bag. 🙂 Jackie Kennedy loved this style and I can see why. It’s timeless. Thank you again for all your insight!

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