What I Wore This Week

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

Leather Jacket • Zara | Black Sweater • Zara | Black Jeans • Zara | Boots • Frye Engineer |
Crossbody • UrbanOutfitters | Grey Long Sleeve • H&M (similar) | Mid-rise Jeans • H&M |
Grey T-shirt • Zara | Grey Jeans • H&M | White Blouse • H&M (Similar) |
Girlfriend Jeans • Gap | Tan Booties • Winners (Same)

I had a slight epiphany last night (saturday night). I was in bed reading and it was really late, like really, really late. I finished my book and tried to log on to my library website so I could find another ebook to start and I couldn’t log in. It wasn’t until I went to the main page that I saw that every Sunday the login page is not available due to online maintenance between the hours of 3am-4. I wasn’t until that moment that I realized that I was up so late that websites were shut down for service upgrades since it was their low traffic time. Get off the internet at 3am Sara, nothing good happens after 3. That was something I used to tell my husband several years ago when he was doing the music thing. He worked as a bouncer part-time during this period because we were broke and it brought in some cash when he was home. He would work until close but then stay and party with the staff until like 5am. It pissed me off immensely when he would come home and then spend the entire day in bed to only get up, wash, and repeat. Nothing good happens at 3am.

When I was 11 years old I had an obsession with interior design. I watched design shows, read design magazines and books, and tried my design skills on my bedroom. I would draw to-scale maps of my room and then draw different ways that I could move the furniture. I think I moved it around at least once a month at that time even though my room was small and there weren’t that many options. I even applied to take interior design in college, but due to some ridiculous situation that involved them losing my art portfolio (part of the submission process) and me not being able to produce another one in the time frame I had left before the application deadline I lost my spot in the course. Yes, I am still bitter even though I took museum studies and geography (t was more of a travel and tourism but heavily focused on world geography and travel destinations) which are also things I love. I actually wanted to drop out of college and become a flight attendant but then 9/11 happened and I decided to stay in college for the time being. Which was probably a bad idea because of  the year and money I wasted taking marketing during that time. I hated marketing. Five years in college and no diploma to show for it. Oh hindsight, how you bite me in the ass. I think that inner 11-year-old designer comes out periodically because it seems that every time Tom goes out-of-town for the weekend I embark on some moving shit around. This weekend was the livingroom. I really like the outcome, it has more of a designated sitting space computer/office space. Well, as much as an office space you ca have in 650 sq ft. 😉

Above is what I wore the last week. I hope you had a good weekend.  Happy (or not so happy) Monday!

Did you have any career aspirations that didn’t pan out, or college regrets? 

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  1. Great outfits and you just reminded me about my moto boots, Sara. Thank you. Love, love that crossover bag, especially in that color.

    You know, it’s funny how something you did, enjoyed as a kid/tween/teenager can play a part in what you do as an adult…even if you don’t plan for it. When I was around 11 or 12, I fell in love with a local furniture/accessories store that offered coolness from around the world (pre-World Market). I ended up changing my bedroom out often, with accessories from a specific country. It all made me want to travel internationally. In college I ended up majoring in political science with an emphasis on international relations. Well, I never ended up in the field, due to political events. Instead I fell into marketing. Then I ended up traveling globally working for a couple of Fortune 500 corporations. It was exciting and eye-opening. I am so happy I had that experience.

    As for you, your studies in and passion for interior design could find an outlet now. There are bloggers who have turned their related interest into consulting businesses. Why not you? There a number of twists to the consulting model you could apply. There are certainly cool software tools to use for creating moodboards and room layouts. I have a blast putting together room designs on Polyvore, for example (just for fun in my case).

    Anyway, you are obviously a creative person so it would be great to channel it in a way that would bring you contentment and potentially income as well.

    Cheers, Ardith

    • My motos are constantly worn, I can’t imagine what I did before them and that cross body is great. I spent a lot of time looking and of course the moment I stop looking and walk into a store boom there it was.

      I really, really love World Market. I am constantly on there looking for cool things or inspiration. Even just looking is fun. My girls want a Hogwarts inspired bedroom and I never even thought about looking on there for neat little things that would work. As for Polyvore I actually starting making packing lists and wardrobe collages on there. It all started years ago when my youngest was a newborn and refused to sleep. It was my escape at all hours of the night/early morning.

      I’ve often though about different ways I could generate income from home. Since my husband works 16-18 hours a day I can’t really get a job outside the house because I would pretty much be working to pay most of it to childcare which is pointless. It’s like a catch 22. Thanks for the insightful comment though, it gives me some things to mull over.


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