What to wear in Ljubljana Slovenia


Outfit Options 1-10

What to wear in Ljubljana Slovenia Outfit Options 1-10 #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

The links to every piece in these 30 options for What to wear in Ljubljana , Slovenia are found directly below:

Tank • H&M | T-shirt • H&M | Graphic T-shirt • Madewell | Casual Blouse • H&M |
Striped Shirt • H&M | White Blouse • H&M | Oversize Long Sleeve • H&M |
Pullover • MadwellCardigan • H&M | Water/Wind Proof Jacket • H&M |
Leather Jacket • MangoBathingsuit • J.Crew | Denim Shorts • H&M | Cargo Shorts • H&M |
Sun Dress • H&M | T-shirt Dress • H&M | Casual Jeans • Gap | Dark Denim • Gap |
Black Pants • H&M | Hat • H&M | Scarf • J.Crew | Sunglasses • Nordstrom | Tote • Sole Society |
Crossbody • Shopbop | Walking Shoes • Sketchers | Ankle Boots • Splendid | Sandals • Birkenstock

In my last post I had a request for a packing list for 21 days in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the months of July/August.  I needed clothing options that will cover outdoors activities (like hiking and rowing) as well as regular day-to-day outfits that will cover temperatures that range from lows of 14°C to highs of +30°C with an average of 24°C. With the pieces that I posted in the packing list I was able to put together 30 different outfit options (10 at the top of the post and 20 more at the bottom) and could have easily made more combinations. Being able to go one month without repeating an outfit if you don’t want to, while only using a carry-on is a pretty good result. You can keep your suitcase lighter by wearing your heaviest/bulkiest items that take up the most room as your travel outfit. It allows you to stay warm and comfortable on the plane which leans towards the colder side (or at cooler stopovers), but gives you the option to take layers off if your destination is warmer. Layers are your friend when travelling.

Edit: I had duplicate graphics in place but I fixed the issue.

(There are a lot of large collages in this post so to speed page loading the rest are after the jump.)

My favourite outfit in this list is option 21 in the third list, the head to toe black (or almost since the boot is grey). What’s yours?

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Outfit Options 11-20

What to wear in Ljubljana Slovenia Outfit Options 11-20 #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel


Outfit Options 21-30

What to wear in Ljubljana Slovenia Outfit Options 21-30 #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel



  1. This is excellent! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together! My itinerary has been settled – 10 days in Slovenia and 7 days in Turkey – a little less time then initially planned but still a decent amount of time!

    • I hope you find this somewhat useful 🙂 Your trip sounds like it’s going to be great, and I hope you have an amazing time!

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