What I Wore This Week

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd

What I wore this week #ootd
Leather Jacket • Zara | Black T-shirt • Madewell | Jeans • Zara | Rain Boots • Hunter |
Cape Cardi • Mango sold out (similar) | White T-shirt • H&M sold out (similar) | Distressed Jeans • H&M |
Slip-ons • Vans | Ramones T-shirt • H&M sold out (similar) | Jeans • H&M | Boots • Frye |
The Who Band T-shirt • Urban Outfitters | Purse • Urban Outfitters

Last week the weather went from having a windchill below 0°C to 23°C in a few days with some rain thrown in between. It was the most fluctuations we have had this season and Sunday was the warmest day so far.  You wouldn’t really know that from my clothes since I sometimes dress non weather appropriate though. Two things you can notice from these pictures is 1. I wear my new leather coat from Zara a LOT. I am going to be sad when it gets really hot and I can’t wear it. And 2. I wear my hair in a side braid a LOT. This is because it takes a while to style my hair and I usually don’t want to be bothered, especially if I am not doing anything hairstyle worthy. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it, it’s also quite straight. If I just blow dry it it looks kind of fuzzy like a lion’s mane so I need to curl it if I wear it down. Curling takes forever so I just braid it or put it up. I probably should get it cut and styled but if I can’t get it braided or in a top knot I will get annoyed with it hanging down all the time.

My daughter lost my camera battery. She takes a photography course and was fooling around with the camera at home and now the battery is missing. She is also kind of a way dreamer so she was probably taking it out to charge it then got side tracked, put it down randomly and now it is gone. I have to order a new one online because the stores we went to didn’t have them in stock which is weird. It’s not too much of a biggie though since I take 90% of my photos with my iPhone. It’s more of a pain in the ass because she had to attend her photography class without a camera last week which seem pointless but she has taken the class before. Let’s hope she learned a lesson in taking care of other people’s belongings. She uses it more than I do, but I probably should invest in a nicer camera some day soon for the both of us to use.

Do you have a clothing item you wear constantly or a hairstyle that is your go-to?

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  1. Love your go-to items. Mine are my boyfriend jeans (alternating all four), long-sleeve v-neck tops, and vintage ’90s ankle boots. It’s been warm enough to have to leave my moto jacket behind (the one I want to upgrade). It’s been raining here, but the temps are in the upper 70s. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Thanks for sharing your great insight. I’m curious to find out about the boyfriend jeans. I can’t wear them either. I’m tall-5’11” and they make me look as if they are super big jeans that are too short. Otherwise, most of your selections are perfect for a tall person with a hectic lifestyle.

    Thank you again for sharing your insight. I’d love to work with you sometime.

    • I’m still waiting for the jeans. As of today the tracking number states “verifying address, may cause delay.” I hope that isn’t a bad sign 😉 coupled with being short I have really narrow hips so my waist to hip ratio is not that different. It makes jeans fit weirdly, like I am literally a boy wearing baggy jeans when they are in the boyfriend style. It’s getting really annoying.

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