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First Lost Tooth

It’s funny how time flies by and you think “where the hell did it go? and why the hell does it seem like I have accomplished nothing during that time?” It kind of saddens me. Not that I want my life filled with non stop projects and accomplishments but sometimes I feel like I need to really buckle down and do something. My days are filled with kids, homeschooling kids, errands, housework, and then whatever time I can squeeze on here throughout the day. I just feel like there is never enough time to do things, and I keep saying, “tomorrow, I will do it tomorrow.” (that refers mostly to exercise which I always seem to notoriously have no time for.) My house is still a mess, there is always laundry to be done, and my kids eat the most basic meals ever. I need a planner, someone or something than can organize my life into manageable increments to get things done because most days I feel so scatter-brained. 

  1. Regarding my house, I am a Fly Lady drop out. I think I have started it 10 times and never make it past the second week therefore don’t have enough time to see the benefits of the program. I reprinted all the lists and zones and put them in a binder. I plan on starting again tomorrow. My kids are old enough now that they can help (as they should since they are curators of mess). Merle thinks it is great to be given a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and tooth-brush to clean anything she seems fit. It generally works out because she cleans areas I usually don’t think about or can’t be bothered doing. I plan on sticking with it until we have gone through the zones once so I can see the results.
  2. I had the weirdest dream last night. The dream appeared to be in the Danish Language and I seemed to understand it and could respond with no difficulty. I have never studied Danish although I have wanted to. I chose French as my language to learn because of its worldwide usefulness. I am starting to wonder if maybe I should have chosen Danish instead. I have a million and one French language resources including some really expensive ones, but French resources are plentiful and I am thinking I want to add Danish to the mix too. Which is probably not wise of me since I barely find time to study my French, but I sometimes hang out on a language site where there are so many polyglots on there that I am starting to think I may be able to swing two if they are studying 5+. This dream has fuelled a desire, so if you know any great Danish language learning resources please message me or comment below with the links. I would really appreciate it.
  3. Merle lost her first tooth this week (see above photo). She was so excited but I have to admit that I am kind of sad that she is entering this new stage of growth. She is getting older so quickly that it literally brings tears to my eyes to think about it. I see now why some people have lots of kids. You kind of feel like you want to fill the baby void when your children can no longer be considered babies 🙁 I can’t really imagine having another child though, I mean we would have to hang a crib from the ceiling since there is absolutely no room in here. Three kids bumps you up from 2 bedroom homes to three, you need a bigger car, and I would probably lose a bit more of my mental capacity. I swear each kid takes a part of your brain function when they are born because I feel so much dumber after kids than before. I am fairly certain that I have read that somewhere too but my diminished brain capacity won’t let me find the source.
  4. As I have mentioned before I have searched for a decent pair of boyfriend jeans for a while now. Well, Banana Republic was having a sale along with a stackable coupon code last week, so I took the plunge with a pair I have had my eye on. The Medium Wash Boyfriend Jean from BR should be arriving today if the tracking number is correct and I hope to hell they fit. I had to make a size guesstimate when ordering so I am crossing my fingers. I really hate to return things. Like, really, really hate it. I worked in retail for many years and I know how much returns suck. I also will never, ever be “that” person who treats a retail worker like they are below me. Never.  (which actually has nothing to do with returning products but I have seen so many people screaming and yelling at retail workers like they are their personal punching bags and it puts me into a rage.)
  5. Several years ago I found my perfectly fitting bra size. Since then my bra experience changed my life a little. Fast forward until now and that perfect fitting bra I bought needs to be replaced since it had now officially stretched out too much to fit well anymore. I took a gamble and ordered another one off of the Fig Leaves website since my size is not sold in stores. I tried to find one as close to possible as the last style because it definitely was a winner. This is the problem when you where an unpopular bra size, stores don’t sell it therefore you can’t try it on when you find them online. It’s really annoying but I am hoping for the best.

All in all nothing new and exciting has happened. The kids decided that they want some decorations so that their room looks like Hogwarts so I am looking into it. I’m not sure how easy it will be to find an animal skull in a decent price or a specimen in a jar with an animal in it (gross but they think it is cool). Apparently these types of things will resemble Snape’s office. We are working on it.

I am working on a packing list for a person with a high sun sensitivity right now. She is going to a humid destination so I am trying to find the best game plan for keeping cool but covered. I should have it completed this week hopefully.

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