What to Wear in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Outfit 1 – White T-shirt | Jeans | Coatigan | Sunglasses | Purse | Flats
Outfit 2 – Camisole | Leather Pants | Blazer | Earrings | Watch | Bracelet | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 3 – Maxi Dress | Hat | Sunglasses | Purse | Converse
Outfit 4- Bathingsuit | Shawl | Sunglasses
Outfit 5 – Oversized Top | Jeans | Watch | Sunglasses | Purse | Flats
Outfit 6 – White T-shirt | Leather Pants | Hat | Purse | Converse
Outfit 7 – Maxi Dress | Blazer | Earrings | Watch | Bracelet | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 8 – Camisole | Jeans | Shawl | Earrings | Watch | Bracelet | Clutch | Heels
Outfit 9 – Camisole | Coatigan | Leather Pants | Purse | Flats
Outfit 10 – Maxi Dress | Oversized Top | Hat | Sunglasses | Purse | Converse

The above are 10 outfit options that you can make with the Las Vegas, Nevada Weekend Getaway packing list. You are probably looking at this thinking, “most of these are too warm to wear in Las Vegas.” But as it states in the original post, a specific request was made for what to pack for Las Vegas in February when the weather is cooler. At least by desert standards it’s cooler. The temperatures range from nighttime lows of  around 4°C and the day time highs reach anywhere from the teens to the +20°C. Personally I would wait until the last-minute to make the finalized decisions for packing so that I could see what the actual forecast is. That way you can decided if sandals are ideal or shirts/short dresses.

For the nighttime looks above I also included in the last post an alternative look with a dress, if dresses are more your thing than black/leather pants. The scarf serves several purposes ranging from a shawl to a bathing suit cover as well as the coatigan (which can be worn as a lightweight coat over, or even belted as a kimono style sweater).  Las Vegas has a completely different dress code for night than day so if dancing and clubbing are on your must-do list than you want to make sure you bring enough options to cover your needs.

This is a casual looks mixed with night looks to allow for as many possible outfit combinations as possible with the least amount of pieces. For a weekend getaway you will not need a regular sized suitcase, there are many weekend options available that will be easy to pack and carry and will work well as a carry-on so you do not have to check your luggage (if you are flying). Sole Society carries a few styles that I adore and one that I own (Mason Travel Satchel in grey) that would fit the bill perfectly.

What is your favourite weekender bag?

Sole Society Weekenders

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