My Frye Boots Deal

Frye Engineer Boots

For many years now I have wanted to buy a pair of Frye boots. To me they are the epitome of what a good boot is and I wanted them…badly. Every time I shopped online I would check around to see if I could find them for a more affordable price (to many they are affordable, to me they are considered a large purchase of which I could never justify). I have drooled while window shopping, I have tried them on to torture myself, I have placed them in my online shopping basket a million times but I have never gone through with the purchase. Until Sunday. 

On Sunday Tom wanted to try the Pho place down the street. In the same parking lot there is also a large Winners store so he suggested we stop in there first. I am usually wrangling the kids so I was kind of dreading going in since they weren’t being super angelic that day. I made a bargain with Merle (my 4-year-old) that of she sat in the cart we would go look at the toys, but she had to let me walk through the shoes first. I quickly went into the 8-8.5 size aisle to see if they had anything good, and a pair of black boots caught my eye. They were laying on their side on the shelf, and since I am always on the hunt for boots I picked them up to look at them and said loudly “holy shit.” Roo my oldest was like, “why are you swearing over boots?” so I told her that they were a moto style Frye boot in my size. IN MY SIZE. Nothing I want is ever in my size there. So I quickly manoeuvred the cart down to the men’s department to show Tom.

Now he didn’t exhibit the same reaction I did when I showed him. I actually had to explain that these were the boots I have wanted for years. The best part, they were 60% off. At first I thought they were the Veronica Short Boot, but after a little searching I realized that the heels are a bit higher and they are the Frye Engineer boot in stonewash leather. Who the hell cares though, because I love them. I am sure some of you can understand the excitement I felt when I found these. Merry Christmas to me.

Frye Engineer Boot

Stonewashed oiled leather to have that rugged, worn-in appearance. I am in love.

Do you like Frye Boots as much as I do?

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