What to Wear in Oslo, Norway

What to Wear in Oslo, NorwayOutfit 1 – Black Sweater | White Blouse | Denim | Knit Hat | Vans Sneakers | Sunglasses | Purse
Outfit 2 – Grey T-shirt | Cardigan | Grey Denim | ScarfFrye Valerie Lined Boot | Clutch
Outfit 3 – Oatmeal Sweater | Black Pants | Hat | Sunglasses | WatchFrye Valerie Lined Boot | Purse
Outfit 4 – Dress | Coat | Necklace | Heels | Clutch
Outfit 5 – Stripe Long Sleeve | Denim | Coat | Vans Sneakers | Purse
Outfit 6 – Pink Blouse | Grey Denim | Knit Hat | Sunglasses | Frye Valerie Lined Boot | Clutch
Outfit 7 – Black Tank | Cardigan | Black Pants | Scarf | Heels | Purse
Outfit 8 – White Blouse | Denim | Hat | Sunglasses | Watch | Vans Sneakers | Purse
Outfit 9 – Black Dress | Oatmeal Sweater | Frye Valerie Lined Boots | Purse
Outfit 10 – Black Sweater | Grey Denim | Knit Hat | Necklace | Vans Sneakers | Clutch 

If given the choice I will generally pick colder weather over hot humid weather any day, which is why I seem to gravitate to countries that experience a cooler temperature shift during their autumn and winter season.  Tom is the opposite and will choose a beach vacation over other options any day of the week. We are total opposites. Which is why it works I am sure.

In the last post I showed you a packing light list for Oslo, Norway that consisted of  13 items of clothing plus shoes and accessories. I included some chunky knit sweaters, lined boots, a knit hat, and a scarf for the cooler temps. I want to say that I love the jacket. I have had a thing for faux fur collars since I was 19 and bought a coat that I lived in. It was totally not appropriate for winter but I wore it anyway for many years. I literally wore that thing until the faux fur collar turned into a big, unsalvageable, matted mess and I admitted defeat and got rid of it.

All the pieces in this list layer and match well so outfit options are numerous. In this What to Wear post I managed to make 10 outfit options (see above) that included both day and night looks, plus I made an extra 8 outfits (see below) as alternates so you can see how many different looks you can get out of the 13 pieces. It’s always nice to have options. I stuck to a neutral pallet of grey, black, and white, and then added in light pink, oatmeal/cream, and denim for some variation. I showed several ways that you can wear the black dress to take it from casual to night. Add some black tights or leggings under the dress and it is ready for cooler weather. I probably could have made this list really minimal and omitted one pair of pants and a shirt or two and still had a lot of options, but there always is a small part of me that second guesses myself and says, “what if you don’t want to wear anything you packed?” and then I visualize my frustration leading me to go out and buy something which totally defeats the purpose of packing light. I think that is my own bit of self-doubt that comes shining through though, and that is why I always throw in an extra piece or two.

Does anyone else have this same issue?

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Alternate/Bonus Outfits

What to Wear in Oslo Norway

Outfit 11 – Grey T-shirtDenim | Coat | Sunglasses | Frye Valerie Lined Boots | Clutch
Outfit 12 – Pink Blouse | Black Pants | Watch | Heels | Clutch
Outfit 13 – Striped Long Sleeve | Grey Denim | Hat | Scarf | Frye Valerie Lined Boots | Purse
Outfit 14 – Black Dress | Cardigan | Knit Hat | Scarf | Vans Sneakers | Purse
Outfit 15 – Black Tank | Black Sweater | Denim | Scarf | Vans Sneakers | Clutch
Outfit 16 – White Blouse | Black Pants | Watch | Heels | Clutch
Outfit 17 – Oatmeal Sweater | Grey Denim | Coat | Sunglasses | Frye Valerie Lined Boot | Clutch
Outfit 18 –  Pink Blouse | Denim | Hat | Scarf | Frye Valerie Lined Boot | Purse


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  1. love! I’m a 40 something (almost 50) young at heart, woman from the midwest in the states. Take the buckles off the boots, the fur off the jacket and nix the high tops to toms and I am all in. Going through my closet now to see how to put these together. Thank you for the inspiration!

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