What to Pack for Munich, Germany – Packing Light

Munich Germany Packing ListDressy Tank | White T-shirt | Casual Blouse | Dressy Top | Long Sweater
Knit Pullover | Cuyana Cape | Dress | Denim | Black Pants | Wide Leg Pants
Coat | Sunglasses | Hat | Watch | Knit Scarf | Light Scarf | Knit Hat
Warm Boots | Booties | Sneakers | Purse | Small Purse 

Munich is the third largest city in Germany having a population of 1.4 million. The name comes from the old/middle German word munichen which means “by the monks”. This is because Benedictine monks ran a momentary near where what would later become the Old Town of Munich. A monk is still shown on the city’s coat of arms. Since the time of Ludwig the Bavarian (1282-1347) the colours of black and gold have been the cities official colours. It and was first mentioned in a document in 1158 so this is thought of as the date of its foundation, and it became the capital of Bavaria in 1506.

Munich is classified as an oceanic climate which means warm summers (not hot) and cool winters (not too cold) and precipitation is spread throughout the year. The warmest month is July averaging 23°C and the coolest is January averaging 3°C. The highest levels of precipitation are through showers and thunderstorms in  late spring and go through the summer. Because of its higher elevation and proximity to the Alps it has more precipitation that most other German cities so I would probably pack an umbrella as a precaution. Above is my What to Pack for Munich, Germany list.

A reader named Jessica wrote me because she is going to New York for 7 days at Thanksgiving and asked if I could give her some ideas of what to pack. I told her I was working on a list at the moment and would make an adaptation for her on this post. New York at Thanksgiving is very much like where I live (Toronto) at this time of the year. The weather is very unpredictable and the temperatures can drop low really quickly. The winds are starting to get that bitter cold feeling and the possibility of snow is constant. First and foremost you will need  a warm coat. It would be wise to also pack a knit hat, gloves, and a scarf. It’s way better to be safe then sorry when it comes to unexpected weather and temperature drops. I also recommend pieces for layering, sweaters/sweatshirts, long sleeves, things that can be worn alone or over/under other things. You don’t really need to bring that much for 7 days, 3 shirts, maybe 2 sweaters, 2 bottoms, 2 shoes, and maybe something dressy in the case of going out for dinner/dancing or any parties. I pulled pieces from the above list and condensed it to a 7 day list (below) for your adaptation. I ditched out the tank and navy blouse for another t-shirt, and took out the wide leg pants. You could probably take out the cardigan/cape and warm boots as well. It all depends on what you are doing while you are there. If you plan on walking around the city a lot I would probably bring warm boots though.

This just shows you how one travel wardrobe can easily be adapted to any other travel destination, and since both of these destinations are for similar weather than it makes it so much easier. I hope this helps to give you some suggestions Jessica! Outfit options for the above list will be in the next post.

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7 Days in NYC Packing List
White T-shirt | Casual Blouse | Grey T-shirt | Long Sweater
Knit Pullover | Cuyana Cape | Dress | Denim | Black PantsCoat
Knit Scarf | Light Scarf | Wool Hat | Beanie | Watch | Sunglasses
Gloves | Sneakers | Booties | Warm Boots | Purse


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