Packing Light for Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Belgium Packing List

Dressy Tank | Grey Sleeveless | Long Blouse | Striped Tunic | Pullover
Long Cardigan | Poncho Sweater | Dressy Blazer | Black Dress | Black Pants
Denim | Leather Pants | Wool Coat | Sunglasses | Hat | Scarf | Watch
Flats | Booties | Tall Boots | Purse | Clutch 

The settlement that became Brussels was first documented in 580 with the official founding in 979, so it has a long history and story to tell you as a tourist. It was originally a 10th century fortress town that was founded by descendant of Charlemagne and it has grown to a large city of about 1.2 million people (1.8 in the metropolitan area).

Brussels, Belgium is sometimes known as the capital of the European Union because it is the headquarters of many European institutions. It is a country that is composed of both French-speaking and Flemish (Dutch) residents. Although the majority is French it is a bilingual country and street signs are in both languages. This may cause confusion since they don’t resemble one another. English is widely understood but not often posted on signs so if you are not familiar with French or Dutch you may have to ask someone for help if you have any questions. The main train stations, metros, trams, and buses many times will have English announcements but it isn’t a guarantee.

Brussels climate is damp with high rainfall which can make it feel colder than it is. Any snow melts relatively quickly and leaves the ground wet and slushy so dress with appropriate footwear if you travel during the winter. The average high during January is 6°C and during the summer months range in the low 20’s °C which makes it a cool, comfortable climate without the extreme cold and heat that many countries experience.

In this packing list I made sure to include clothing for building and layering to allow for a large amount of clothing options. It will also be very flexible if the weather decides to fluctuate. I included 22 pieces in this list which also include the items you will wear on the plane. These will be the heavier more bulky pieces to keep the suitcase as light as possible. Everything can be taken from day to night with some simple switches in accessories, and shoes. The dress can even be worn with some fitted pants as a loose tunic for a casual look. The ability to use each piece in many different ways is the key to packing light. The example outfits that this list makes will be on the next blog post.

Do you have any recommendations or travel ups for travelling to Brussels?

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    • Thanks so much! I try to make everything go with everything to get the most out of the travel wardrobe. It doesn’t always work out the way I planned but I try 😉

  1. I just found your site and I am really digging all the travel packing options. So great! Quick question, since I am in Canada, the affiliate link to the tall black boots keeps defaulting me to the Canadian site and the boots themselves don’t appear (it just takes me to the main page). Could you please share what the boots are? Thanks!

    • Hi! Sometimes the links default back to the main when the item is sold out at that store. The boots are from Frye and they are called the Paige Riding Boot. I looked around for a Canadian site that sells them but the only one that I keep finding that ships to Canada is The Frye Company which is American based so the exchange rate is atrocious. I wish that we had better offerings here in Canada 🙁

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