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As you know we have talked about taking the girls to Disney World really soon. We were discussing maybe around October would be a good time because the busyness summer would be over and the current show Tom is working on will be wrapping up. Disney also has a lot of Halloween activities in October and I think the girls would really enjoy that. I wonder if that means we don’t have to trick or treat this year ;( I hate trick or treating.  I wish I could pawn it off on to Tom. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was in 2003 and I came home so drunk that I passed out at the end of my bed, half bent-over still wearing my costume. For some reason I turned on my electric blanket and in the morning I woke up with back pain and my makeup melted off my face. I was hung over for 48 hours. Back to Disney the talk. Our trip will also be far enough from Christmas that we won’t feel guilty about spending the money. Having a definite idea of when we plan on going, gives us from now through then to save enough to have a comfortable vacation.

We were talking about driving all the way down but now that is coming into question since we only plan on going for a week. We don’t really want to spend 3 out of 7 days driving. It seems kind of pointless since one of Tom’s friends said we can drive to New York and fly to Florida in a couple of hours for a few hundred dollars a piece. It kind of bums me out a bit because I wanted to detour along the way and see some of my mom group internet friends. How often will I get a chance to meet them?

If we do end up flying there I will get to practice my packing in a carry-on skills that I have been working on. I am kind of excited for this because it is going to be a much more laid back trip which will work well with my mostly laid back wardrobe. I have also been working on building my capsule wardrobe and that should make packing a lot easier. I’ll be working on the kids lists next since I want us all to carry-on with no extra checked baggage.

This Disney World packing list is compiled mostly of clothes that I already own. A link to each item is listed below the pictures.

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