Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is sneaking up quicker than I thought it was. For some reason I thought that it was more towards the end of May than the beginning so now I am trying to figure out what to get my mom.

It is hard to make a gift list without having a bias towards items that you like. I think it is almost impossible unless someone else picks out all the items for you without you having any input. So I compiled a list of things that I think are cool, kitschy, pretty, and just plain awesome that I would like to buy myself any day of the week just because. Most of the items are from Etsy because it is the ultimate hunting grounds for amazing gift ideas. Below the list I will give a more in-depth description of the item and where to find it. Behold my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2015  or any other year list.



1. I read all the time, constantly when I have a few minutes to myself and to all hours of the night. I am a traditional person and love regular books the best but I am also a logical person and I know that ebooks are extremely convenient and I can have access to a lot more of them if I fill my iPad and/or Kindle with them, so I do. These covers combine my love of both forms of reading by enclosing your iPad or Kindle within the covers of a classic novel. They are beautiful. Kindle Case Book Covers • KleverCase • $39


2. I’m picky when it comes to perfumes and scented lotions but when I smelled the scent Amazing Grace from Philosophy I really liked it. It is a scent layering set that includes an eau de toilette spray, a lotion, and a shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath. Prices vary by store. The cheapest I found it was $51.30.


3. I have wanted to buy a teapot for ages but never seem to get around to it. None of them seem very exciting so I never felt the urge to buy one when I see them. I just heat the water in the microwave which is probably very unhealthy but very easy. This one though. This one I would buy in a f****ing heartbeat. Who doesn’t love Lionel Richie? Hello is it tea you are looking for? is the most amazing teapot ever. I have the Mr. Tea mug in pink from this same company and to this day it is my favourite mug ever. Hello Teapot • LennyMud on Esty • $40


4. I love baths. I rarely get the chance to have them but when I do I go all out. Drinks, treats, and reading material. Usually I am reading an ebook on my iPad and I am completely scared of dropping it in the water so I sit very uncomfortably holding my iPad off to the side out of the water. It’s not very relaxing. I have wanted a bathtub tray for eons and this one from Anthropologie is fantastic. Peg & Awl Vestige Bathtub Caddy • Anthropologie • $168


5. Tea. My favourite drink. I usually end up drinking it out of a regular old coffee mug and would love to have a nice set of  teacups and saucers. I think my girls would get a kick out of it if I pulled these down and we had tea time. This is a set of 4 pastel coloured tea cups with matching saucers. Each cup has a cute little phrase written at the bottom that gets revealed as you drink. It comes in a beautiful floral box that would be pretty for storage too. It is from Chapters Indigo for $37.50 online.


6. I have an obsession with metal letter lamps. My dream would to live in a huge open concept loft with brick walls and vintage metal lamp signs and old circus posters on the walls. All of the metal letter lamps I have found have been really expensive and if I had the money I would get one from VintageMarqueeLights on Etsy. But since that is not in my price range I found this one for a fraction of the price. I would get and R and M for my kids names. It comes in two different metal finishes. CREATIVE CO-OP Metal Letter LED Lamp • Nordstrom • $32

_105347577. I am addicted to decorative pillows. Not regular pillows but really colourful, uniquely printed pillows. This is my favourite store on Etsy to buy pillows. I have bought two from them and they are both the most beautiful pillows I own. This one gives the definition of Mother on the front, and it also comes in white. Mother Pillow •  mybeardedpigeon • $40


8. This is another pillow from the store above. I own this one that has the map of Europe on it. I saw it on Pinterest forever ago and searched the internet until I found it. It sits in the middle of my bed every day. I want to buy another one with a map of someplace I would love to visit some day. Maybe Denmark, Paris, Venice, London, or Sweden and Norway. Map Pillow • mybeardedpidgeon • $44


9. A beautiful handmade leather purse is the ultimate gift for me. I generally buy inexpensive purses because we are broke but if I had the money this would be the type of purse I would get. Screw those name brand deigner bags, this bag wins hands down. It comes in a bunch of colours of the leather that you pick upon ordering. You also choose the colour of the lining you want out of 4 choices. It is listed as a weekend bag but I love a really big purse and would use this every day to carry my army of shit I tote with me everywhere. I think I would like it in black, grey, or the cognac. I don’t know if I would be able to choose though. This bag is on my want list. Haj Leather Bag • BaliELF • $390










10. This last gift is really sweet that I think any mom would love. It is a personalized handwriting ring. You send in a copy of the signature you would like to be made into the ring. This can also be done in necklace and bracelet settings. I love this idea of using the signature of your child when they are just learning to sign their name. Beautiful and sentimental. Personalized handwriting ring • AshleeArtis • $26



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