Off to ComiCon to Meet Karen Gillan


Before: Today is the day that they have all been waiting for. I have been up since god knows when because of the damn sun and curtain situation, plus I have anxiety for some unknown reason. The doors to the convention centre for ComiCon open at 10:00 a.m. but Tom worked until 6:00 a.m. this morning so we will let him sleep until noon. Otherwise he will grumpy and complaining all day and that will suck all the fun out of it. The girls are still asleep now anyway since they would to go to fricken bed last night. It drove me bat shit because I literally get zero time to myself or down time due to them never going to sleep. It doesn’t help that the condo is so small that I can make eye contact with a child regardless of where I am sitting. I am really surprised that one of them didn’t wake the moment I walked into the living room.

I’ll wake the kids at 10:00 because that will give us ample time to eat, get dressed and do Merle’s hair and makeup. Roo decided that she was just going to wear her blue dress because it is Tardis blue, along with a Doctor Who t-shirt and converse. Merle is going to wear her Weeping Halloween costume, so I need more prep time since it involves spraying all her hair grey. When we got there chaos reigned. We had to drive around looking for parking because parking in downtown Toronto is no joke. We ended up paying $25 to park and still had to walk 10 minutes to get there. When we were walking I saw a million little girls in Anna and Elsa dresses and I was thinking “what the hell? They can’t all be going to ComiCon.” Disney characters aren’t usually popular ComiCon characters to dress as so I was a little confused until a man on the PA for Rogers Stadium announced “Top level tickets for Disney Frozen on Ice are still on sale.” And I thought, “holy shit I hope Merle didn’t hear that.” She didn’t. We arrived and had no clue where to go. There were no signs or directions, nor did Tom stop any employee to ask where we go. He just kept walking like a man on a mission. Typical.

We brought the umbrella stroller with us because I knew Merle would either
a) get tired, or
b) start to run wild and need to sit in it to keep our sanity. So while we were searching for where we had to go, we had to drag the stroller behind us. It was 3 escalator trips down while trying to wrangle a kid that doesn’t seem to understand the dangers of an escalator nor escalator etiquette. It was one of those embarrassing moments that you know people are judging your parenting skills for.  The venue was large, there was tons of stuff, and so.many.people. I’ve never experienced getting bumped into by Spiderman on one said while dodging a sword on the other. The kids had a blast.

Our main reason for going was so Roo could meet Karen Gillan aka Amy Pond and get her photo with her. She is die-hard Doctor Who fan and met Matt Smith the Eleventh Doctor last July. Since Roo loves Doctor Who, of course Merle does too, hence the costume. Karen was super late and almost cancelled due to a scheduling conflict, but she flew in and didn’t disappoint. It was awesome. While we were waiting in the epic line up Merle practiced her scary Weeping Angel face that she was going to do during the picture. She had good intentions but got nervous and ended up giving her derpy face instead. Behold.

Roo Merle Karen



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