Two American Tourists Carve Initials into Colosseum


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As someone who is obsessed with history and would have become a medieval historian or archaeologists if given a second chance, this hurts my heart. I was reading CNN News  this morning and this caught my eye, “Two American Tourists Arrested for Carving Initials into Rome’s Colosseum”. What? The best part,

“The two letters — J and N — were about eight inches in length and scratched on a brick wall at the historic Roman amphitheater.”

Eight inches long? By a 21 and 25-year-old? Back in my day when you were a teenager and your brain was still in the making idiotic decisions stage you:

a) carved things into desks in a very covert ninja-like fashion, not in a super tourist congested historic landmark and,
b) It was never 8 inches long. Your were proud if you achieved your initials or a random swear word in half an inch or less.

Where did we go wrong in this world that we missed teaching our kids that defacing an object of immense historical significance was okay? Did these grown adults wake that morning on their trip and discuss this bright plan with one another or was it spontaneous? The Colosseum is always full of tourists, so how they thought they wouldn’t get caught is beyond me. Unless they thought this wasn’t against the law, and if that is the case then Americans need to increase the importance of world history in their schools. Then to top it all off they took a selfie in front of their “artwork” after it was finished. This is like “The idiot’s Guide to getting Caught Breaking the Law”. I hope the get slapped with a huge fine. This was done by two women too. It was probably done on International Women’s Day. Way to set us back ladies.  Assholes.



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