What to Bring on the Plane – Kids Part 2

This post continues from my last post What to Bring on the Plane – KidsIn part 1, I made a list of entertainment ideas of things that an older child (9 – teenager) who be interested to bring on an airplane. Today is for a younger child. There is a slightly higher level of difficulty in entertainment for younger children since most of them have a short attention span. There is only so much you can bring to keep them occupied, especially things that don’t come with a million pieces or aren’t extremely noisy. My suggestion is to bring some colouring items, a small game, and a tablet loaded with games and movies. This should help when the attention span starts to waver and you start to panic over pissing off the “children should not ride planes with regular society” people. Don’t forget those headphones either. They are sanity savers from those annoying and repetitive game sounds. My other suggestion is to pack their favourite sleeping toy/stuffed animal in their carry-on bag. You don’t want to risk its loss or any conniption fits if you stow it in any checked baggage you may have. I stated in part 1 that snacks are also a good idea for kids. Especially if you have any long layovers, but like I said before, some airlines do not allow you to bring snacks on board so always make sure to check with your airline carrier first. Listed below are the links and prices for the items pictured.


What to Pack a Kid for the Plane

1. My Little Pony Big Girls’ Twilight Sparkle Hoodie • My Little Pony • $23.30
2. Skip Hop Zoo Pack Toddler Backpack • Skip Hop • $20.00 (various animal styles)
3. Badger in Vest • Little Circus • $38.00
4. Childs Sleep Mask • Amazon • $10.99
5. Crayola® Disney® “Frozen” Color & Sticker Book • Crayola • $6.99
6. Crayola 16 Ct. Crayons • Crayola • $2.79
7. Petit Collage Animal Jamboree Mix & Match Cards • $15.00
8. Apple® iPad Air 32GB – Silver/White (MF025LL/B) • Apple • $579.00
9. WESC Headphones Emerald • Wesc • $59.00 (various colours)
10. Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage – Ladybug • Skip Hop • $30.00 (various animals)
11. Skip Hop Owl Zoo Travel Blanket • Skip Hop • $20.00
12. Flight 001 Passport Cover • Flight 001 • $45.00 (various colours)

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