My Favourite Things on Etsy -1

I’ve mentioned many times how much I love Etsy. It’s filled with amazing things that make original gifts, perfect pieces for your home. I can get lost on there for hours browsing through pages and pages. My favourites list is growing rapidly and I always refer to it when it is time to by a gift for someone. Every once and awhile I am going to post a few of my favourites things from Etsy. Todays list includes some decorative pieces and epic wineglasses. The links to each piece are provided below the picture. Leave me a comment with your favourites findings from Etsy too, maybe you can help me add to my wishlist!

EtsyFavesHome1. Senet Board Game – from buxaina
I am a history buff. Actually, I am probably more than that. History is one of my favourite things in this world and if time travel ever came to pass I would be first in line. I like to have pieces of history integrated in to my decor and this replica Senet game is from Ancient Egypt and one of the first documented games.

2. Pink Elephant Bookend – by ShopFierce27
Animals and bright colour, some of my favourite things. This book end would add some fun to a white bookshelf or desktop.

3. Sagittarius Pillow – by mybeardedpigeon
Mybeardedpigeon is one of my favourite stores on Etsy. They have amazingly beautiful pillows of which I have bought several. I want this Sagittarius one because both of my girls are born under that zodiac sign. I also want every single one of their map pillows….

4. Antler Rack – by NearAndDeer
This rack would look awesome on my wall to hold purses, hats and jewellery. I really like the gold finish but you can message them if you want alternate colours to what they offer. I might want this one on a nice sunny yellow.

5. Handpainted Wine Glasses – Set of 4 – Golden Girls – by LoveGoodThings
Golden Girls, need I say more. How epically cool would it be do drink your nightly wine out of a Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sophia. These would be treasured that’s for sure.





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