Packing Light in a Carry on – Dublin Edition

Edit: The newly updated What to Pack for Dublin, Ireland can be found here.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am have major wanderlust. I have a deep need to travel and hope to one day be lucky enough that I am able to fulfill that desire. I also have become obsessed with learning the skill of packing light. I think that being able to pack for a vacation using just a carry-on  would make travel so much easier and so much more simple. Any time we have gone away in the past I way over packed. When we went to Barbados I packed so much, it was completely ridiculous and kind of obnoxious. It was funny though, because all I wore were two skirts, two shirts, one pair of shorts, a dress and two swimsuits. Plus the clothes I wore on the plane which don’t really count because it was winter where we left from and the clothes reflected that. I could have easily packed in the suitcase my daughter used and still had room for more. So over the last few years I have tried to hone the packing light skill. I have read articles, blogs, watched videos, and found ideas on Pinterest which I post to my Travel Board. I pick my “destination”, go through my closet and find things that would be suitable for that climate and then go on the Polyvore website. Polyvore is where I build my outfits and make my packing list collages. I go through to find pieces similar to what I own and build my travel wardrobe based on those pieces. That is why it is important to me to buy clothes that go with what I already own. To be able to mix and match within my wardrobe makes packing light easy.

I start with a palette in a neutral shade. Usually black, grey and white since my wardrobe has a lot of different variations of these shades. Then I add some colour with jewellery, scarves, shoes, or handbags. Every bottom should go with every top, everything should be able to be layered if the weather changes, and the looks should be able to be dressed up or down with accessories and shoes.

This weeks inspiration came from The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I am highly anticipating the release of Burned, the 7th book in the series on January 20th, 2015. This Urban Fantasy series takes place in Dublin, Ireland. The weather in Dublin changes often and many of those changes can happen within the same day, so it is best to dress in layers and be prepared for rain. It is high on my “want to visit” list (also on my “want to move to” list) and based on my wardrobe, this is what I would pack for it. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment below or use my contact form if you want to keep it private. Thanks!


Packing list for Dublin

What I would wear on the plane:

A white, loose tank, black oversized sweater, skinny blue jeans, black leather jacket, grey infinity scarf, red Hunter Wellies, and a large handbag.

What I would pack:

  1. Two loose tanks, black and grey.
  2. One grey, one white, loose fitting T-shirts.
  3. White blouse.
  4. Two heavy knit pullovers, grey and off white.
  5. One lighter knit pullover, grey with black sleeves.
  6. Oversized grey cardigan.
  7. Black “leather” pants.
  8. Black fitted dressy pants.
  9. Black maxi dress.
  10. Black leggings (for casual wear or pyjamas)
  11. Grey long sleeved shirt (casual or pyjamas)
  12. Pyjama set
  13. Socks
  14. Underwear
  15. One black and one nude bra.
  16. Black Frye boots Valerie model
  17. Converse sneakers
  18. Leopard slip on shoe
  19. Black panama hat.
  20. Grey beanie toque
  21. Two necklaces
  22. Multistrand bracelet
  23. Nixon Watch
  24. Black infinity scarf
  25. Aviators
  26. Red lipstick
  27. Umbrella

Happy Packing!

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