To Dye or Not to Dye?

I have been dyeing* my hair for a really long time. And by long time I don’t mean early to mid  2000’s, like some younger people may think is a long time. I mean way back to around 1994, when your choices for hair colour weren’t quite as plentiful and you thought you were badass by using Sun-In hair lightener. I don’t remember the brand of hair dye that propelled me into a two decade foray into hair colouring, but I do remember that I had thought it wasn’t permanent and was pissed off when I started showing roots. No one had told me back then that even if the label says temporary or semi permanent, if you choose a colour lighter than your current shade it will become permanent. Well, I am sure my mom would have told me if I had let on that I was going to colour my hair. Whoops. Lesson learned the hard way. Ironically enough the accidental change in hair colour actually made me into Sara Mchotty pants in high school. Previously I was a skinny girl with thick glasses, but with the addition of contacts and blonde hair, BAM, I started being noticed.

I stayed blonde mostly with only a few detours into different shades over the years. Black hair being a really bad colour for me (and of course high school yearbook photos happened during the 3 days I had black hair. Now that shit is documented forever), red was meh, and a brown shade that was dyed to match my roots was actually a good colour for my complexion and I really liked it but for some reason I always went back to blonde. I think I just like that extra bit of oomph that blonde gave me. And by oomph I mean male attention, and by male I also mean a few female. So regardless of how badly damaged my hair was I continued the process. There was a few years span that I was bleaching my hair Gwen Stefani light and damaged my hair ridiculously. Like, cut my hair off in chunks because it was almost melting kind of damaged. It kind of worked out though because it was the perfect time to have a short, blonde, choppy do like the style icon of that period, Drew Barrymore.

Fast forward to today and although my hair is still very light, it is more of a golden shade and way less damaged. It is long, people like it, but the roots are so annoying. So I have been contemplating going brunette and I don’t know whether I should do it. Since I am 35, I figure if I want to try a brown shade I should probably attempt it before I start going grey. Although my mom is in her early 60’s and still doesn’t have very much grey. I have tried those apps that allow you to try on different hairstyles, but honestly I think they are just for shits and giggles because I always look terrible. Every time it makes my nose and head look big. Unless my nose and head are actually big and I am in denial, and if that is the case I don’t understand why I was ever Sara Mchotty pants.  Unless I actually wasn’t and I imagined that shit……

Decision pending.

* I actually Googled dyeing vs dying to make sure I was using the right spelling. I am an over thinker . Even though dying could also actually apply to hair colouring since it is so bad for you. But that would be another blog post and also it’s a little late for me to worry about the harmful effects of hair dye.


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