I Need a Meal Planner

On my quest to be more healthy I obviously included eating better. Which is huge for me because I really like to not eat well. I enjoy all the bad for you places. When I used to work retail in a mall there was too many occasions to count that I ate McDonalds three times in one shift (if it was a 12 hour shift). So my goal is not super 100% organic because I am a realist, but I am definitely trying to make better choices. If only my kids were on the same page. Anyway, I decided I would be rebellious and have a spinach salad with lunch today instead of my typical  potato chips and I had way more energy this afternoon.  Shocking? I know. This leads me to wishing that I was a more motivated and effective meal planner and chef because I’m sure it would save us some money and cure the dinner doldrums. As it stands, I need to figure out how to make the food budget stretch because there is a large price difference to where we lived last month and where we live now. A big difference. I literally flinch as I toss things in to the cart when I see the price of them. This grocery store gives air mile points so I thought, “hey, it may be pricey but at least it is going towards helping me achieve my travelling dream.” Then you look at your air miles balance and see it only went up a couple of miles after spending $80…….I just can’t win.

P.S. That $80 wasn’t on a full grocery shop if you were thinking that cost wasn’t too bad. That was just a mid week top up shop. Full grocery is twice as much. *Flinch*

Also, if you know of any great budget meal planning sites, let me know.


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  1. Meal planning is key to consistently eating healthy as well as saving money! At the beginning you will spend more money because you will need to buy things like spices, cooking oils, nut butters, frozen organic meats…things you won’t have to replace every week. My suggestion is to plan out the week of food before you go to the grocery store. Try to buy seasonal (cheaper). Also try to use the same veggies but in different ways. Let’s say a sweet potato. Make a ton. Eat some as mashed sweet potato, some as a baked sweet potato, some you can crisp up and make fries, and some you can chop up and eat cold (after baked of course). Also usually the pre-chopped and pre-cleaned stuff is $$$ … always check. Meat. Meat is delicious but also usually the most pricey part of the meal. Use meat as a garnish. Also use protein replacements like beans, nuts, and eggs! All usually cheaper. Make your own cereals, granolas, snack bars, trail mix, and protein shakes! Also will save you $$.

    All the planning is daunting at first but once you get into the rhythm you won’t have to do all the research and planning will come natural.

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