Grocery Shopping Bump and Grind

The rules of etiquette state that the amount of personal space in between strangers is 4+ feet. We all know that this rule goes out the window during times when it can’t be avoided, like today when I needed to go shopping.  My neighbourhood grocery store is relatively small for the size of the community it serves. The isles are so narrow that they only have those small, two basket carts in order to allow people to shop. It’s also totally expensive but that is neither here nor there. It is also ridiculously busy. I have yet to find a time that I can shop comfortably and leisurely without feeling like I have to rush to get the hell out of there. Today I went in for a quick few items so I was in the express line, along with 9 million other people. Generally when you are standing in line you try to allow a little room in front and hopefully in back for people to move and manoeuvre their carts and baskets. Today it was like the game Rush Hour but much less fun.  Apparently the guy behind me didn’t get the memo on personal space. He was so close that his breath was blowing the hair by ears making me cringe. Then the bum bumping began. His basket kept hitting me in the ass. Not, once or twice but ongoing in a kind of rhythm. All I kept thinking was “thank god it is not his penis”.


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