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First off my sandals arrived this week and they fit, so for reference to anyone who may be thinking about buying this style they do in fact fit one size large like the reviews state. 

I am reading Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 to Merle and last night we read about the dancer Carmen Amaya who shocked the flamenco dancing world by choosing to dance in high waist trousers instead of the traditional dress (and that she was ridiculously talented).

This led to some internet searching and video watching. She was an incredible dancer. Her movements were almost inhuman at times. I can’t even imagine being able to move that fast.

You can see it really well in this video. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing then speed through to the last minute or so, that is where it gets crazy. We rewatched it multiple times because we couldn’t believe how she moved. 

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

14 Screenshots of Interactions With “Nice Guys” That Are so Alarming It’s Not Even Funny. And this is the type of shit we have to deal with.

The Deadly Truth About a World Built for Men – From Stab Vests to Car Crashes. All of theses are so very true. The car voice recognition one I never even thought about before, but my mom has talk in a deep voice to get hers to work. What utter bullshit :/ 

I’m So Sorry, But Here’s How Some Male Authors For Really Real Described Women in Book. Very cringeworthy.

A Photographer Takes Pictures of Cats “High” on Catnip, and It’ll Be Your New Favourite Thing.

This is incredible

Edward Gorey’s Illustrated Covers For Literary Classics. I love the minimal colours.  

The British Library Digitizes Its Collection of Obscene Books…….

If you have kids (or friends) that love Disney Princesses, you can now get a Disney Princess Subscription Box. My girls have always been lukewarm about the Disney Princesses. Merle likes the villains more (a Disney Villain box would be cool). It’s a really cute idea for those that love them though.

18 Classic Myths Explained with Animation. The complete playlist is here.

A U.S. Brewer is Releasing a “Lucky Charms-Like” Beer. Call me intrigued. 

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