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It’s a long weekend here for Victoria Day on Monday which is actually to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday but has turned in to the unofficial start of summer and probably the biggest drinking weekend of the year. So happy May two-four weekend, the nickname it was lovingly given after a 24 case of beer.

My mom told me that they sell Mac computers and laptops on The Shopping Channel which surprised me. It is also extremely tempting because I would like a laptop, and can get one by paying 12 monthly instalments which makes it actually a realistic option. It’s super tempting, but maybe I’ll wait and see what I owe for taxes first. I’m really dreading that phone call.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Can you believe it’s been 20 years? I LOVE this show.

This movie looks AMAZING. I haven’t seen a movie trailer that has got me this excited in a long time.

At Stephen Hawking’s Funeral, Time Travellers Welcome.

Apparently I was dumb and forgot to put the link in last weeks post so here it is again. 16 Brand New Television Shows That Start This Summer.

Merle would love one of these. She is obsessed with geodes and this women’s talent is amazing.

The Best Sports Bras for Women with Big Boobs.

The 10 Professions with the Most Psychopaths.

How a New Xbox controller Plans to make gaming more inclusive.

How to reach 10,000 steps a day even when you work full time. While some days I go over that, I find myself stalling out a 8000-9000 most days. So close yet so far.

Five Pinterest Boards that will transform your meal prep game. I wish I was good at this.

And I officially ran out of things to watch so I am restarting Sherlock for the 5000th time. Have a great weekend!  

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