16 Dresses for Spring that you Might Want in Your Wardrobe

16 dresses for spring that you may want in your wardrobe

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I took advantage of the gloomy weather holiday today (some pretty thick fog rolled in this afternoon) and decided that I would put together a blog post. I made a goal this year to wear more dresses for spring and summer. I don’t have very many dresses and the ones I do have I am kind of meh about so they haven’t got a lot of wear. That is definitely a sign that I should purge my closet to make room for pieces that I feel good in, because you shouldn’t feel meh about your clothes. I would like to mix some classic styles (like a shirt dress) with more colourful and vibrant print pieces (think the types of dresses you would like to have for a vacation to a hot destination), and maybe a jumpsuit or two. I was laughing with a friend last night about a jumpsuit that I saw on Zara. It is reminiscent of one that I had around 2001 that I literally lived in (she borrowed it a lot too). Mine was a bit more fitted and more of scoop front vs high, but I seriously had some nostalgic vibes. I can’t even remember what happened to that jumpsuit. I’m fairly certain that I wore it until it almost fell apart so it must have become a victim to the great purge.

Looking through all the dresses is also getting me in the mindset for summer shoes and purses too. I haven’t found any sandals yet that I like because I haven’t really seen many out in stores, but I am totally on board with all the rattan/straw bags and circle purses that every store seems to have their own version of. I can picture these dresses paired with a handbag like this or a summery crossbody (I am partial to the ease of crossbodies). I have these Greek style sandals that I bought from Etsy going on 4 years ago now, but I would like to have more than one pair and style to choose from. Have you seen any good ones?

I may pick one or two of these dresses, but at the moment I can’t decide which one. I am a pretty big fan of number 1 because I love the print and fit, but I really like the classic white shirt dress. There is just so many ways you can wear a shirt dress that it would be very versatile and transition through the seasons. There is one that totally caught my eye but didn’t make the cut. It is reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, during the scene where she is at the polo match. Remember that Brown and white polka dot dress? Here it is 🙂

Do you have a favourite from the above list?

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