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Did you see yesterday’s post with a few fall fashion ideas? The above header shows the outfits in mini form. You can see the pieces above or head over to the post to read more about it.

I have weirdly got into the habit of washing my hair in the sink and letting it air dry while I have breakfast, coffee, and putz around on the internet (otherwise known as waking myself up). Then I wrap it in a towel and shower normally minus hair wash. It speeds up the hair drying time which I hate doing, but I find it a weird habit that I started out of nowhere.

Tom’s birthday is sneaking up and I have no idea what to get him. What I did plan out was going to cost me $70 U.S. to ship here which is completely insane so I had to scrap that idea. I am open to suggestions 😉

I was hoping to have a quiet weekend but my to-do list keeps getting longer, so let’s start it off by some weekly reads and finds. There are a couple of good sales on now so scroll down below to check out my picks.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Weekly Finds:

  • Do you like A Christmas Story? Neca  made figures of Ralphie and his father that should be out in retailers now. I love giving collectables like this as gifts (or keeping for myself) and these are awesome. The dad even comes with the leg lamp 🙂
  • There are a few sales this weekend but the most notable are Nordstrom’s Fall Sale (which is a biggie and goes through Nov 12th) and Banana Republic where you get 40% off with the code BRAMILY until Nov 6. I’m going to post some of my picks from each sale.

Banana Republic Sale Picks


Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale Picks


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  1. I really enjoy these weekend posts, Sara, thank you. I forwarded the Christmas Story fun to my husband, since it’s his favorite Christmas movie.

    From the looks of that shopping infographic, I’m a Millennial too, ha ha. Just goes to show how misleading such data can be. Shopping and other behavior are not exclusive to any one age group these days.

    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Cheers, Ardith

    • I love that movie too! I would love to have a replica lamp to put in my window 🙂 I may be off to google to see if they have those.

      I totally take any type of data that puts people in specific categories based on age or gender with a grain of salt but sometimes I find they really fit. Being on the cusp of Millennial I don’t feel I fit into either category. I read somewhere that they came up with a new one for those of us that are smack in the middle. I don’t remember where I saw it though.

      It was totally pouring out today so I didn’t get much accomplished that involved leaving the house. I think I did 9 loads of laundry which was an achievement albeit a not so fun one 😐

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