2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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Gift guide number two is today. I wanted to include one guide for a variety women because we all know that people are not one size (or type) fits all. Nor will you be shopping for only one type of women so I hope to give you some ideas for all kinds of tastes in  different price points.

I’d say that I am a homebody, techie, who loves food, and would appreciate a gift that is for a cause. See? No one checks just one box. I tried to think of things that I would love (or anyone because who really wouldn’t want a popcorn machine or snow cone maker?), but also things that were meaningful and give back like the hand embroidered Pamyra Mosaic pouch which was created by a collective of Syrian refugees living in Istanbul, Turkey, or the woven Sisal bowl from craftswomen in Rwanda. Both beautiful and for worthy causes.

Do you know someone who loves to have friends over and entertain? How about the adult game What Do You Meme? with the added Basic Bitch Pack (if it’s an all girls night), and a bottle of wine (this is a Game of Thrones Wine. Why? Just because). I have things for travellers like an inexpensive suitcase, and for techies like a solar powered charger or headphones. And if you have a budding genealogist or someone who is just curious about where they come from then a DNA kit is so fun (I speak from personal experience). You can buy them through Amazon and also through the Ancestry website.

Then finally we have the homebody. The person who likes to slip on a pair of slippers or reading socks, cozy pyjamas, a robe, and read on her device, or maybe she prefers actual books. This is my favourite thing to do and I just wish that I had more free time to sit and escape in a book under a warm blanket. I only get to do this at bedtime now, and that is only if I choose to stay up really late, which I often do because I need to read. It’s like breathing 🙁

I tried to stick to everyone’s favourite retailers like Target and Amazon for my ideas because they are really easy to shop online for and you can find pretty much anything. One stop shopping is key to a less stressful holiday period.

So wrapping up the gift guide I hope that as we enter the 38 days until Christmas countdown that you can get some inspired ideas from here.

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    • Thanks! It’s so much easier shopping online than in stores at this time of year. We had to go out tonight and the mall was crazy. I’m glad I have the online option so I can avoid that.

  1. I love the idea of the zodiac nail polish, but I don’t like the Libra color. 🙁

    Almost done with our shopping, only need to grab a couple more things. Still have nothing for my mother-in-law. She is the hardest person to shop for, I swear she has no interests whatsoever. Except shopping, but she gets insulted by gift cards, so those are out.

    Already got almost everything wrapped as well, except a Poldark cookbook I picked up yesterday for my SIL, and the stuff my husband’s got for me. I could wrap them all up myself, I already know what they are. But if I’m not gonna be surprised I should make him put in the work! :p

    • Yeah. Libra’s isn’t too pretty 😐 mine is gold which I love. I hate hard to shop for people. My husband would say that I am hard, but I truly appreciate anything and I would never get insulted by gift cards. I love them. I haven’t wrapped yet but I’m definitely going to start that earlier this year because I waited until last minute for that end it took me forever.

      Tom and I are kiboshing gifts for each other this year because it’s going to be tight but I’m good with that. We’ll make it up later in the new year 🙂

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