What to Pack for Italy and Greece

What to Pack for 12 Days in Italy and Greece Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

Blue Camisole | Black T-shirt | Striped Shirt | Polka Dot Blouse (fits small, size up) | Black Blouse | Pink V-Neck | Brown Oversized Sweater | Grey Wrap Cardigan | Floral Blazer | Blue Jeans | Black/Grey Denim | Black Trousers | Pink Wrap Dress | Polka Dot Dress | Check Jacket | Grey Scarf | Print Scarf | Hat | Sunglasses | White Flats | Sneakers | Boots | Grey Tote | Black Purse |*
*All items are from H&M


This weeks packing list is comprised entirely with pieces from the store H&M. I chose them because they are one of my favourite places to shop. They are available worldwide, have fantastic collections for many different styles/lifestyles, and are at a price point that makes it accessible to a larger demographic of people. They kept me fashionable even when we were completely broke and for that I am thankful. Many of my personal wardrobe staples come from there, and have been in my collection for years. I had a faux leather moto jacket that I used consistently for 6 years  and it is still in great shape.

This list could be used for many destinations, but today focuses on Italy and Greece in Late Nov-early December. Specifically for a cruise that makes many city stops in Italy and Greece, and also Israel. The weather during this time of year averages 16-19°C, but being on the water it may lean towards cool at night so a light jacket with some sweaters should keep you comfortable.

I want to point out that I curate my lists with a certain look in mind. I usually find one or two pieces I really like and build around those. Everything I post is just a suggestion. Think of the pieces generically. While I adore the floral blazer, this one may be more your style, or this might be like one that you already have in your wardrobe. First and foremost work with what you have. This is like a template where you plug-in the pieces you have to build a list according to your style and then buy anything you may need to fill in the holes as needed. Select few people are privileged enough to be able to buy a whole new travel wardrobe every time they go on vacation. Most of use save for years to take a trip and don’t have a lot of money left over for new clothes, so keeping within an accessible range is something that I try to consistently do.

H&M has a huge selection of basics so you can find t-shirts/blouses/long sleeves in your favourite cut, fabric, and colour for fantastic prices. And since basics build the groundwork for any wardrobe it is a great place to start. I went to H&M recently and tried on several selections from this list (as many as could find in my local store plus a few other pieces that caught my eye). I will post about that later in the week, but I will say that black and white polka dot dress is awesome. It has a shirred waist line and pockets (pockets!).

I’ve kept my sections within the palette of the neutrals black, white, grey, and brown, and then added in a soft pink, and blue. The integration of patterns in those colours ties everything together. I am big on print mixing, pairing things that you wouldn’t normally think go together. It adds such a statement look that you can easily tone down the rest of your wardrobe and still look completely put together. Being able to layer pieces is also an important factor because being on a cruise in the Mediterranean, the weather throughout cities at different points of the day with fluctuate greatly. To add or remove a layer easily is something I always try to make sure.


Twenty-four outfit options form the above pieces can be found in this post, as well as showcasing some of these pieces from a try-on I did at H&M with some “changeroom selfies” in a post later this week.

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