What to Pack for Edinburgh, Scotland

What to Pack for Edinburgh, Scotland Packing Light List

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I see this question repeated a lot in the captions of friends/people I follow on Instagram, “If you could move anywhere in the world right now where would it be?” It’s always gets the conversations going in the comments and it’s so interesting to see where everyone chooses and their reasonings behind it. My answer is always the same and generally is in this order Edinburgh, London, Dublin, and an honourable mention goes to Copenhagen.

I have always had a major draw to the UK. History is my thing, but primarily medieval history. The tv shows I watch, and even the books I read are more often than not set in this region (and many times in a historical time period). I’ve always wondered what the draw was and finding out that I am genetically tied to the area with over 70% of my DNA coming from the UK and Ireland it kind of makes sense to me. It probably sounds so cheesy but I sometimes feel like it’s my ancestors telling me to go “home”. So that is my reasons for my choices (and the Scottish accent is my absolute most favourite accent ever) and I hope one day to be able to fulfill the dream.

I had an email request from a woman who is spending a semester (3 months) in Scotland. When I wrote back asking if she was still interested in me putting some ideas together she has not yet responded (she might actually already be gone). But I thought I would do something for the destination anyway. It’s not a 3 month list but I can get over month of outfits from these pieces. With that in mind it would be easy to add a few extra pieces here and there to make sure that you would be suitably attired for the 3 months.

I’m basing my choices on the Instagram conversation of where would you go, but I am adding the part of what would you pack if you were leaving now to move there? Edinburgh doesn’t get even remotely as cold as it does here in the winter so worrying about a heavy parka and heavy-duty snow boots wouldn’t be an issue. This is my “go to my closet and toss stuff into the bag picks” that would be very similar to pieces I own that I would want to bring with me.

Thirty outfit options from these pieces are in this post.

So if you could move anywhere in the world right this second, where would you choose?


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  1. O my gosh, I would love to hear what you have read lately in the medieval period. Do you prefer straight history or historical fiction for reading?

    • I think I am more partial to historical fiction but I do enjoy a good non fiction once and a while. One of my favourite genres is medieval mysteries and I really enjoyed the Mathew Bartholomew Series my Susanna Gregory (lots of books). He’s a monk who solves mysteries/murders. I also loved, loved, loved The Mistress of the Art of Death series by Arianna Franklin (she’s deceased now so no more books and I am so sad) which has a woman protagonist. I’m about to read The Doomsday book by Connie Willis. It’s about a woman who time travelled back right in to the middle of the plague outbreak in the 1400’s. It was recommended by the professor of the Plague lecture I am watching 😉

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