What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast in Spring

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Tank/Camisole • H&M | Striped Shirt • Mango | Wrap Shirt • Mango | Blouse • Mango | Long Sleeve • H&M |
Pullover • Mango | Black Sweater • River Island | Cardigan • H&M | Blazer • Mango | Skirt • H&M |
Casual Denim • Madewell | Denim • H&M | Black Pants • H&M | Jacket • Mango | Scarf • Mango | Hat • Bebe |
Bathing Suit • Boden | Watch • Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses • Nordstrom | Flats • Express | Sneakers • Converse | Boots • Frye | Reversible Tote • Azalea | Crossbody • Talbots |

Please excuse the tardiness. It’s Merle’s birthday today, and while we celebrated yesterday (Tom’s only day off until Christmas eve) I didn’t want to spend the whole day on the computer. I haven’t got my shit together enough to get posts ready weeks in advance, so I pretty much finish them just before I hit publish.

What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast is a combination of several requests for various cities in Italy in spring. I couldn’t do an individual one for each because it was 11 requests which would be a lot of work and a lot of repetition. The trips range from 2 weeks to a month so I am making this one for 2 weeks. With 2 weeks worth of clothes and access to a washing machine you easily have enough clothes and outfit options to cover you for a month.

The cities/regions that this covers are Rome, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, and Naples. I emailed back several people in regards to their preferences in style and colour but never heard back so look at these lists in general terms not necessarily by style (since it’s based on things I like). T-shirts, skirts, jeans, sweaters, shoes are all open to your own interpretation. I give you ideas of what sort of items you should bring and then you pick items in those categories suited to your tastes. The key is to find a colour palette and base it on that so everything is cohesive.

Spring in Italy is one of the greatest travelling times because there won’t be as many tourists, the flowers are blooming, and the heat isn’t extreme. The average temperature of these cities during the month of April is 14°C, with a high of 20°C and low of 9°C. To me these temperatures are perfect, you can wear sweaters, mid-lightweight jackets, but have enough layerable items in case the day gets warmer when you are sightseeing.

I included a swim suit in case the weather accommodates one or you stay in places that have pools. The purse in reversible to a solid black on the other side, which is an easy way to get some variety in your handbag. Outfit options will be in the next post.

I typed this after 4 cups of coffee so excuse me if it seems disjointed 😉 

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