What to Pack for London Christmas + New Years

What to Pack for London 10 Days at Christmas and New Years Eve #packinglist #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

Tank/Cami • H&M | Pretty Blouse • Mango | Striped Shirt • Mango | Pink Shirt • Mango |
Classic Blouse • H&M | Pullover • Mango | Cardigan • Mango | Black Sweater • H&M |
Black Dress • Lands’ End | Denim • Mango | Casual Denim • Gap | Black Pants • H&M |
Jacket • Mango | Scarf • River Island | Hat • H&M | Sunglasses • Off 5th | Flats • Mango |
Rain Boots • Hunter | Booties • Dune London | Tote • TJ Maxx | Crossbody • Dune |

I have recieved a lot of requests lately. Like a lot. More than I can keep up with, but I am really trying, so if you sent me a request and have not seen it yet it is probably coming. I am just trying to get the Christmas/winter lists done first. It’s hard to sit down at my computer for extended periods of time since my husband works 16-18 hours a day and I home school the girls. I don’t really get much downtime or a break throughout the day. This is definitely not a woe is me post, it’s just a little background info so you can see that I really am trying I just haven’t figured out a balance that doesn’t include me going to bed at 4am 😉

I know I do a lot of London posts but in reality London is one of the most popular destination requests I get. I haven’t done a one for the Christmas/NYE  season yet so that is what this week’s packing list is. December and January weather at this time of year averages around 6°C with a high amount of rainfall. I included a short rain boot in this list because of the high amount of rain/snow but any type of weather appropriate boot will work in this instance. 6°C isn’t that cold (if you are used to a lot colder winters) so hardcore winter gear is not necessary.

Since this is a Christmas vacation if you are bringing presents with you then a) wear your heaviest items while travelling to pack less  (which you should do anyway) and b) roll your clothes while packing. It takes up less room so you can squeeze some gifts in there as well.  I usually suggest folding clothes normally on the way there and rolling them on the way home so you have room to bring home souvenirs but in this instance you will might be bringing more than you are bringing home.

Outfit ideas for list post can be found in this post.

Have a great Christmas in London! I might be just a little envious 😉

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  1. these are some great ideas! my husband is british, and we are scheduled to fly back to england on christmas day and will be gone for 2 weeks. after almost 5 years, i still cannot figure out what to wear or pack, so this helps out a lot! we are also going to krakow, poland for a city break; i’m sure i can make options the ones above work. cheers!

    • Totally workable. Maybe just add another sweater, and a I’d probably trade in the coat for a warmer style with a hood since Poland will be colder. Other than that everything else should transition nicely. I hope you have a great time!


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