What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week #ootd #wiw

What I Wore This Week #ootd #wiw

What I Wore This Week #ootd #wiw

What I Wore This Week #ootd #wiw

What I Wore This Week #ootd #wiw

Outfit 1: Jacket • Zara | Shirt • Mango | Black Pants • Zara | Purse • Zara | Shoes • Adidas
Outfit 2: Sweater • Mango | Leather Jacket • Zara | Black Pants • Zara | Shoes • Adidas
Outfit 3: Cardigan • Mango (similar) | Shirt • H&M | Jeans • H&M | Boots • Frye
Outfit 4: Army Coat • Thrifted (similar) | Sweater • Mango | Jeans • H&M | Rainboots • Hunter
Outfit 5: Sweater • Zara (similar) | Imitation Leather Pants • H&M | Boots • DSW (Similar) |
Hat • Thrifted (similar) | Purse • Zara

Last week was Roo’s birthday, she turned 12 which makes me officially ancient. We took her to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them which was AMAZING. We loved it, it was great being back in the Harry Potter Universe and I think this series is going to be outstanding. I can’t wait for the next one. We went to an early afternoon showing on a Thursday which was perfect because it was 99% empty and Merle didn’t annoy anyone when she was talking (she is a massive talker and even the movie didn’t quiet her completely. I know her limitations for this kind of thing). I am working on some Holiday gift guides this week. I posted one yesterday and will have another one Wednesday or Thursday. The next one will be for a sci-fi/horror geek, my favourite people to shop for 🙂 I may or may not get to a packing list this week because my Husband is off work for the holidays and he is slowly driving me batshit (he spent almost $200 on groceries and we have NOTHING to eat except expensive cheese, a massive container of pepperoni, beer, and frozen fruit for smoothies. I think he expects me to give him a meal planning gold star though) so I may not get to a packing list this week. I’ll try though.

I hope you’re having a great week!

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  1. These are great outfits, Sara. I have to say that my favorite is the last one. May I ask how the faux leather pants work for you? Are they easy to wear, i.e. to get on and off? I’d love to get a pair but am afraid they will be the kind that stick and difficult to “peel off.” Thanks and cheers, Ardith

    • Haha! I’d say they are relatively easy. They waist is thick elastic so it doesn’t roll and there is no sucking in trying to do up the zipper and button issue and the interior side of the material is softer, so they slide on/off easier. The only time I had issues was when I tried on a pair that was too small and I had to sit down to yank them off. They aren’t too long either for us shorties either. When I wear them with sneakers I just fold them under just a bit to shorten them slightly and you don’t even notice.

    • And Tom keeps saying, “those were only $25? They look real.” So I guess that’s a good thing 😉

      • Major coolness: a) they fit well and wear well, and b) totally approved by the resident male. Must get a pair. Thank you, Sara!

  2. What does your winter coat look like? Or do you have suggestions for a winter coat? Something suitable for Toronto weather…

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