Building My Wardrobe Update

Year Long Capsule Wardrobe Update Building my wardrobe #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobe

Row 1: White T-shirt • H&M old (similar) | V-neck • H&M | Blouse • H&M old (similar) | Pullover • H&M old (similar) | Light Blouse • H&M old (similar)

Row 2: Kimono • H&M old (similar) | Plaid Shirt • Zara (similar) | Light Denim • Zara | Mid Denim • H&M | Distressed Denim • H&M | Boyfriend jeans • Gap

Row 3: Dark Denim • Zara | Kimono Jacket • Madewell old (similar) | Floral Maxi • H&M old (similar, similar) | Animal Print Cardi • H&M (similar) | Oversized Cardi • Mango (similar)

Row 4: Grey T-shirt • Zara | Oversized Sweatshirt • Zara | Grey Long sleeve • H&M old (similar) | Striped Shirt • Everlane | Striped Tank • Banana Republic | Grey Denim • H&M | Black Denim • Zara

Row 5: Black Tank • H&M old (similar) | Black T-shirt • Madewell (similar) | Band T-shirt • Urban Outfitters | Graphic T-shirt – H&M old (similar) | Black Sweater • Zara

Row 6: Boyfriend Blazer • H&M old (similar) | Dressy Blazer • H&M old (similar) | Leather Jacket • Zara | Swing Top • Asos | Black Blouse • Express

Row 7: Midi dress • H&M old (similar) | T-shirt Dress • Asos | Maxi dress • Zara (similar) | Pencil Skirt • Le Chateau old (similar) | Print Skirt • Zara (similar) | Maxi Skirt • old (similar) | Black Pants • H&M

Shoes: Rainboots • Hunter | Black Booties • old (similar) | Sneakers • Converse | Slip-ons • Vans | Tan Booties • Winners (same) | Dress Booties • old (similar) | Sandals • Etsy | Moto Boots • Frye Engineer | Tie Flats • Zara


When I posted My Year Long Capsule Wardrobe back in April I said that I would occasionally update it when I buy new pieces for it, and since April I have made a few purchases. Not as many as I have made in the past, but enough for an update. Over the last few months I bought a boxy striped shirts from Everlane, some boyfriend jeans from Gap, black denim pants and brown, suede ankle tie flats from Zara, and a pair of tan booties from Winners.

I talked about my decision to steer myself away from seasonal capsules and focus on building a complete wardrobe that will take me through the whole year. I don’t have a magic number, or an outline of all the pieces I hope to eventually include because I expect those will change over time. I’m always on the look out for pieces that I feel will be positive additions to what I already have, and things that can replace what is getting worn.

I don’t think this is a project that has an end because I will be slowly replacing pieces as they wear out and when I can afford better quality items over the years. It is nice to have finally reached a point where I no longer have to stand in front of a crowded closet with that lost feeling of having nothing to wear.

How many new items of clothing do you buy in a month?

New Capsule Pieces Building my wardrobeNew Pieces: Striped Shirt • Everlane | Boyfriend Jeans • Gap | Black Denim • Zara | Booties • Winners | Flats • Zara

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    • I LOVE Johnny Cash! My husband has an awesome Johnny t-shirt but it is a million sizes too big for me to steal and I have never found it in women’s sizing.

  1. I love your year long wardrobe! I’m working on this too but have been on a bit of spending bender at the moment, so over the past 3 months I have averaged 7 per month (Its winter for me at the moment so bit more pricey generally). Way too many. I have been replacing items and have 42 pieces in my main wardrobe with 10 summer and 10 winter specific items. Time to just sit back and enjoy what I have!

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