Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe for Fall / Winter

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe for Fall/Winter


Tanks | White T-shirt | Long Blouse | Kimono Shirt | Striped Cardigan | Grey T-shirt
Grey Long Sleeve | Graphic Tee | Long Cardigan | Casual Dress | Grey Blouse | Warm Coat
Burgundy Knit Sweater | Tunic | Blue Denim | Girlfriend Jeans | Poncho | Sleeveless Dress
Fancy Dress | Black Tunic | Black Long Sleeve | Black Knit Sweater | BlazerDressy Top
Leggings | Black Denim | Black Pants | Pencil Skirt | Leather Jacket | Warm Boots
Booties | Sneakers | Slip-ons | Flats | High Boots | Black Hat | Brown Hat
Light Scarf | Dark Scarf | Sunglasses 

Last week on my new Instagram I received a request asking for fashion advice for a plus size mom on the go. I said I would give it a shot.

Disclaimer: I am not plus size so my ideas/advice/recommendations ares strictly based on friends, fashionable women I have seen/met, and online. Also, fashion taste are  in the eye of the beholder, so are the rules. Do what is best for you, pick jeans that are in a style you like to wear and that flatter your body shape because no two bodies will ever look the same in the same pair of jeans. Add colour if you like colour, just not head to toe, make it your statement piece. I saw a woman wearing jeans, a tank, and a fushia blazer and she looked so put together and absolutely stunning. It wasn’t a colour I would think to buy until I saw it on her.  I may not be a plus size but I am a mom on the go and I decided a long time ago that I love fashion too much that I would never use having kids as an excuse to not look my best. We all have different priorities and to me I feel much more confident and capable when I put thought in to what I am wearing then when I am don’t. That doesn’t mean I get dressed up all day every day. Currently I am wearing leggings with a hole in the knee, an oversized sweater, and bare feet. But today I am not going anywhere.

Let’s start with the basics. What you wear under your clothes counts just as much if not more than you may think. Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong bra size? I had no idea I was until several years back when a friend of mine posted a link on how to measure for your correct bra size. I made a post about this life changer a while back. Needless to say I went from wearing a 32B to a 28DD and it changed the way I wore clothes and it changed the way clothes looked on me. Everything looks smoother, and is in the right place, no more slipping straps, or bra adjustments throughout the day. It was a game changer.

Now on to the clothes I what I picked and why. I decided that I would try to put together a basic wardrobe of pieces that can you can wear through fall and winter. So this is kind of like a fall/winter capsule wardrobe. Once again, I pick things that I am drawn to. This list may not float your boat so take the general idea and change out pieces that work best for you. I stuck to fairly neutral colours because it is a pallet that looks good on anyone. Switching pieces up and building your own capsule with the colours that you like is easy if you make sure everything is able to be mixed and matched together. If you have too many colours and not enough neutrals you will not get a lot of wardrobe options from your capsule. You need to make sure that all your tops go with all of your bottoms. My tips on jean fitting is to go to a department store or store with a huge selection of brands and styles and try them all on. Find your most flattering fit and record the brand, style, and size, then search online. There are so many deals that can be found online, even with second-hand sites like ebay or Thredup. I hate the gamble of ordering without knowing if it will work on my body which is why I suggest trying them on first. It cuts down on disappointment and returns. You can use this same idea for almost much everything, especially jeans, shoes/boots, and bras.

I am a huge proponent of if you love something then buy it in multiples. Like jeans, buy the same style in another colour or wash, sweaters, t-shirts etc… You will never regret having more than one of something that you love because if something happens to that first one you will be really upset when you can’ replace it. I had a pair of jeans I loved and lived in. I wore them to the point that they became full of holes and thread bare. I had to sew patches into the butt because they were wearing so thin I had a feeling that my ass was going to hang out in public one day. They have now gone to a better place and I haven’t found a pair that I love like them again.

This capsule is fairly easy to build from. I filled it with a lot of basic that can easily be worn, transitioned in other seasons, and layered. Tank tops of various colours work for layering but can also be tucked or left out with a sweater or blazer layered over. You never have to worry about bunching sleeves in a tank top. Various t-shirts in colours, fabrics and fits, are a wardrobe staple. Throw in a couple of blouses, long sleeve shirts, and tunics and you have a good base of shirts. Add in a couple of shirts that have interesting touches like the Kimono top, and the black dressy top to round it off. A few sweaters in both pullover style, and cardigans will take you through the season. The pants include leggings, black pants that can be dressed up or down, and a few pairs of jeans in various washes and cuts. A couple of casual dresses, a dressy dress, and a pencil skirt round-up the dresses. I also included a blazer, leather jacket and a warm coat. For shoes I decided on a cute pair of winter/rain boots for the weather, the booties and flats are dressier, sneakers and slip-ons for the casual on the run moments, and a pair of high riding boots because every fall wardrobe needs a pair. And this pair is lovely.

Although I don’t include them in my capsule number count I decided to add some accessories for fun, a couple of hats, scarfs of different colours/heaviness, and sunglasses.  All theses pieces make up a complete wardrobe from head to toe that will take you through to summer. Then you can transition many of these items into your summer capsule. I hope this was helpful and not overwhelming. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is a list of some great stores that sell plus size fashion Aside from your department sites of Macy’s, Saks, and Nordstrom:

  1. City Chic
  2. Torrid
  3. Mod Cloth
  4. eShakti
  5. Carmakoma
  6. Asos Curve
  7. Igigi
  8. Boohoo
  9. Old Navy

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