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Since Tom and I have been able to start a savings account and have been diligently putting money in it weekly we have noticed have fast it can accumulate. Surprise, surprise. People always tell you to just automatically put a portion of each cheque in and you will never notice it is gone. It is easier said than done to actually do it, and yes, I notice it is gone. A nice side effect of this growing savings has led to us talking about taking family trip once we have a realistic amount, and once it exits the busy season for Tom’s job (it is just entering the busy season now). He is due for a vacation. We are due for a vacation. His thoughts of a great family getaway is a Disney Vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios. If I am being honest, I’ve never had the urge to go. Even now that I have kids the idea just kind of makes me cringe. Not to mention some of the estimated wait times for lines. I’ve seen real-time proof from friends who have gone. I’m not overly enthusiastic to be spending that much money to spend more than half my day standing in lines.

While my enthusiasm wanes I admit that I might be on board for a Disney cruise. It just seems like a much less crazy, congested option, plus the kids still get the Disney experience going on. It just doesn’t have Harry Potter World like at Universal Studios which is about the only thing at Disney/Universal that I would be even remotely excited to see. Roo would lose her mind to be able to walk through Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. I would probably reread us the series just to prepare for it. It would be a shame if we missed that opportunity.

I researched Disney cruise options for shits and giggles and I noticed that they now offer a European Disney cruise. WHAT? Europe + Disney = two birds with one stone. I don’t know if I can get Tom on board with this idea since it’s fairly pricey. He has his mind kind of set on driving down to Florida, maybe even in an RV with his friends and their family who want to do a Disney vacation too. Then he excitedly tells me, “we can then save money by just staying in the RV instead of a hotel.” Wait. What? I’m not a camper. Not even a bit. Not even in a nice RV. If I am going on vacation , I want to go on VACATION. That means hotels, room service, maids cleaning the room. Not using a port-a-potty and singing Kumbaya around a fire (which incidentally is my favourite scene from Troop Beverly Hills). Which I am sure to many would be an awesome vacation, just not to me. Do gators eat campers in Florida?

If the European Cruise hit the London area with a stop off we could do a Harry Potter Tour there as well. It wouldn’t be as movie studio realistic, more a Muggle experience but still cool because it would be London and that speaks for itself. We could even get our picture taken at Platform 9 3/4. It’s on my bucket list. There is a lot on my bucket list and most involve European travel destinations. I should do a Bucket List post.

So I am obviously feeling back and forth with the Disney vacation idea. One moment I feel like a total shit head for not wanting to take the kids there, and the next moment I would rather go anywhere but there. I feel selfish because I know that we probably won’t go on another vacation for a long time after this, and I  kind of want to go someplace I have always dreamed of going. Disney World was never a dream destination of mine. Even when I was a kid. I feel I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t, even though I know that this is an absolutely ridiculous thing to get upset over and I am very lucky to even be able to consider going on a trip to anywhere.

Do you have an opinion on going to Disney World vs a Disney Cruise? Or should we just do none of the above and keep saving?


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