Some Fantastic Etsy Gift Finds

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Wicked Witch bookmark | Labyrinth Pins | Extra Large Colouring Page | Mr. Tea Teapot | The Golden Girls Wine Glasses |  The Hobbit Leather Purse | Vintage Movie Plaque | Large Geometric Rings | Patronus Chapstick |


If you know me you know that I love Etsy. It is my go-to place when I am looking for fun, quirky, interesting, and one of a kind gifts for any holiday. I mentioned that for Tom’s birthday I bought him a Kiss t-shirt from there of a print that Gene Simmons used to wear during Tom’s favourite Kiss era. He loved it.

I went on this past weekend and pursued the gifts and pulled a few that I thought were notable and original. The thing with Etsy though is you have to pay attention to shipping times because many items are handmade and not already in stock, so if you need it for a certain date you have to make sure to order on time. I was worried that Tom’s shirt wasn’t going to show up because it had a 2-3 week time frame for which they would make the shirt before shipping , but thankfully it arrived on Thursday so just in time.

As for the pieces above, they are all awesome and many of them come with different options so make  sure that you check out the sellers store in case you like a different print and/or colour.

  • The wicked Witch Bookmark via MyBookmark– from the offer all kinds of bookmarks ranging from C3PO feet to Harry Potter Quidditch legs. This was the original though and looks just like when the house got dropped on her. I bought this for Roo several years ago and we still love it.
  • The Labyrinth Pins via nightowlbuttons – I like adding pins to my jackets and the Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies. They have so many like Beetlejuice, The Golden Girls, and The Breakfast Club. Check out their store to see the full inventory. They are an inexpensive way to add some fun to your wardrobe.
  • An Oversized Colouring page via Velvetmoustache – Roll it out and tape it to the wall for a huge colouring space. Your kids can make their own wall mural for their bedroom.
  • Mr. Tea Teapot via Lennymud – I always include products by Lennymud because she is fabulous. I love her quirky sense of humour that she incorporates in to her pieces. I have the Mr. Tea mug, as well as the Lionel Hello is it Tea you are Looking for (which is my favourite ever). They have so many pieces to choose from that you can easily find the perfect design for anyone on your list like the vintage monsters or  Tardis Teapot.
  • Golden Girls wine glasses via LoveGoodThings – Do you love The Golden girls as much as I do? I want this set to have at home and would alternate between each glass each time I drank. Today I feel like a Dorothy.
  • Hobbit Purse via KrukruStudioBooks – These purses are fantastic. I honestly don’t even know which one I would choose (I really like the cover they chose for Watership Down though). They are made from leather and look just like you are carrying a book on a strap. The green of the Hobbit is one of my favourite colours and since I am currently reading it to Merle it was my pick.
  • Vintage movie Plaque via Woodprintz – I have a thing for vintage movie posters, especially the “horror” ones like this. If we had more wall space I would have more because they work with our vibe. This posters are printed on a wooden plaque taking away the need to frame them. Ready to hang and beautiful wall pieces. The Great Gatsby is a beautiful one too.
  • Large Geometric rings via AquarianThoughts – I am not a big jewelry person but I do like key pieces and a large ring like that would work with my style perfectly.
  • Patronus Lipbalm via GeekFireLabs– Calling all Harry Potter fans, you can carry your Patronus in your pocket. A great small gift or stocking stuffer. They also have many other to choose from like the Pickle Rick Lip Balm, Wicked Witch perfume, or Alice in Wonderland Bath melts.
  • The Zoologist Perfumes made it in to my list as well but their store is currently closed until December 1st, so I could not include them outright. These are supposed to be very earthy scents and I am so intrigued to see what the different animals smell like. I think I would order the sample kit to check them all out.

Have you bought any gifts from Esty this year?

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Some of my Favourite Handbags from Etsy

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Cognac Shoulder Bag • ladybuq | Cognac Tote • inblue | Dark brown and Navy Handbag • ladybuq | Black Shoulder bag with Clutch • ladybuq | Brown Leather Crossbody • CarmelGoldental | Purple Crossbody Bag • CarmelGoldental | Round Leather Crossbody • KiliDesignLeather and Huipil Bag • MyEthicalWardrobe | Grey Leather Tote • AyeletShachar | Black Leather Backpack • CarmelGoldental | Leather Net and Silk Bag • LudmillaCreations | Grey Oversized Leather Bag • ladybuq | Tan Leather Bag • BaliELF |


I’m not going to lie, when bloggers I have followed for a long time start/started to carry deigner bags my first thoughts are, “oh, they’ve made it.” Which when I think about it, is sad that I am tying their success to their ability to buy designer handbags. It just seems to be the way it is though, and I won’t begrudge them that because I’m sure we would all like to own an expensive handbag but it gets excessive when there is a new bag that appears out of nowhere each week. I mean, the purpose of these bags, or at least what I thought they were, were  investment pieces. You are “supposed” to invest in one or two and these are your forever bags. The classics that will become your wardrobe staples and never go out of style.

In this instance, yes I would like to have one or two expensive bags that I could consider my investment pieces. But no, I don’t want a closet full of handbags because in my mind when I buy something it is because I like/love it. That means that I want to wear or use it as much as possible. If I have a closet full of bags how often am I going to be using these pieces that I supposedly love. It kind of defeats the purpose for me. I feel the same way about shoes. I don’t need 100 pairs of shoes. I would never have need for anything remotely that much.

When I think of the investment bags that I wouldn’t mind having, a few that come to mind and that seem to keep their value and never go out of style. These are the Chanel Classic Flap, Chanel Boy BagHermès Birkin,  Hermès Kelly, and the Louis Vuitton Neverfull just to name a few of the big ones. I’ve never really wanted a LV purse but they have an excellent resell value which makes them a smart investment piece.

Now on to the point of this post. Designer bags are beautiful but have you seen some of the handmade leather bags that people have to offer? I keep finding all kinds of purses on Pinterest and when I go to their landing pages a huge percentage of them come from Etsy. This made me spend and evening going through pages of the handcrafted leather handbags and I pulled a small selection of some of the ones that I loved. The difference of prices between these beauties and a designer bag is crazy and I wanted to draw your attention to the other option. A realistic and smart option, if designer is totally out of your budget but you want something that is quality, original, and luxurious looking without breaking the bank (compared to the thousands for a designer) some of these may be for you.

I pulled some of my favourites, but honestly I only made it through around 50 pages and there is still so many more that I missed. This is one of the reason I love Esty. It gives you access to a product of someone’s passion and talent, while supporting a small business. That to me is a great thing.

What do you think of designer vs Etsy Handmade?

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Here a list of a few sales to bring you in to the weekend:

Have a great weekend!