The Sci-fi and Horror Geek 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Sci fi and Horror Geek #giftguide #christmas #giftideas #scifi #horror #geek #geekery

Top: Tardis Pillow | Working Dead Travel Mug | Harry Potter Funko Pops* | Voldemort Wand |
Game of Thrones Cloth Box Set | Doctor Who Bedding | The Walking Dead Backpack | Lord of the Rings One Ring | Ravenclaw Baseball Tee | Game of Thrones House Banners | Doctor Who Teapot |
Weeping Angel String Lights | Lord of the Rings 3D Puzzle | The Walking Dead Socks |
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Collectable

Bottom: Adult Colouring Books – Harry Potter, Beauty of Horror, Sherlock, Doctor Who | NECA Coraline Collectable | GoT Cookie Cutters | GoT Single Serve Teapot | Tardis Cookie Jar | Labyrinth Funko Pops* | Doctor Who Lego Set |  Harry Potter Chess Set | GoT Iron Throne Room | Elfeara Earwrap | Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Book | Doctor Who Funko Pops*
* You can buy these Funkos Pops individually or in sets that can be found in various stores and online for a variety of prices.

The first gift I ever bought for my husband was in 2003. It was a KISS collectible that I got off Ebay that he had mentioned in passing. Those were the days when Ebay was a high collection of one of a kind items that people would find and post for reasonable prices. Where you would sit refreshing your page until the auction was over hoping that you wouldn’t get outbid at the last-minute. Those were the good days of Ebay, before it got flooded knock offs and over priced crap that you have to weed through to find the good shit. You can still find some good stuff on there if you search though. Several of todays links are to Ebay items.

Since then I always try to buy him some sort original gift for one of his many collections and it has passed on to my kids. They both have seemed to inherit the sic-fi/horror (much less horror) gene from Tom and it has been my most favourite things to shop for. So I have compiled a list for my fellow sic-fi/horror geeks of fun and original gift ideas in a reasonable price range. Two of my favourite shops for finding this stuff are Hottopic, and Thinkgeek. Mostly we hit the Hottopic in the mall because it is too expensive to ship to Canada with the exchange rate, but Thinkgeek is strictly online and always has great deals so you should check them out. Some of the items in my above gift guide are from each of those stores.

You can see my Introvert and Homebody 2016 Gift Guide in this post.

Do you have a sic-fi/horror fanatic in your life? 

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  1. Too much fun, Sara. This is an uber cool collection. My husband buys and sells on eBay (pinball related nowadays) and he has seen the same, sad trend as well. Cheers, Ardith

    • I used to sell vintage clothes on there a long while back. It was great for a few years before the change started. Tom owned an old Kiss pinball machine that’s was amazing too. We had to sell it in 2011 when we were super broke though 🙁 my goal is to get him another one someday.


  2. this is a great list, i’m going to bookmark it and come back to it for ideas for my husband’s birthday. he is a huge dr who and stargate fan. i love horror movies for the adrenaline rush and have a soft spot for mystery science theater 3000 episodes.

    • I’m glad it gave you some ideas. I always think or see things throughout the year and think they would be great gift ideas but then end up forgetting when the time comes. I have a secret “gift idea” Pinterest board that I use for this exact thing 🙂

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