Quiet Time leads to Packing Lists

I’m sitting here slightly ashamed and extremely defeated. My home looks like a bomb hit it and I can’t summon the energy to do anything about it. Merle discovered that she really likes to cut with scissors so she has cut everything she can get a hold of. This resulted in a million teeny tiny pieces of paper all over the house. In some areas it looks like bad fake snow in a store window display. It’s taken Roo an entire month to clean her room.

An entire month and she is not done. She is once again spending the evening cleaning aka organizing anything but what is visible. Once an area is clean it seems the last one is dirty again. I know it is partly because she has too much stuff and partly because she is just straight up lazy that way.  I have purged and donated so much crap to lighten the load, but it is never-ending. I envy those chic all white uncluttered Scandinavian homes. I dream and aspire to have one.

Merle is so hard to handle that I have to use all my energy resources just to deal with her when we go out. She has all the characteristics you admire in a grown adult leader, but in a child it is insanely hard to deal with. We did have a really good day on Sunday though. I brought her grocery shopping with me (because she needs to be attached to my hip at each moment of the day). Roo stayed home with Tom and her and I walked over to the grocery store. She held my hand the whole way without trying  to pull away or run off. This was miraculous. In the store she sat in the buggy and hugged my and told me she loved me the entire time. She was so freaking sweet and good. It was like a whole new child and made me see a potential light at the end of the tunnel. Then we came home and all went back to normal.

When the kids go to bed that is my down time. Even though down time includes kids popping out of bed every 5 minutes to ask question or tell me something of extreme and urgent importance. Merle goes to the bathroom more times after she goes to bed than she does all day long. Coincidence? My “quiet time” consists of watching a tv show on the computer (we don’t have cable) while simultaneously online shopping. I am a pro multitasker like that. Tom always questions how I am able to follow a show and surf online at the same time. Mad skills that can’t be put on a résumé. Online shopping leads to wish lists, wish lists lead to outfit planning, outfit planning leads to my obsession of packing lists.  Here is my latest one inspired by warmer weather. Now I need to go vacuum the snow.




Below are the links to items in the packing list.


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