Budgeting or Spending – Changing my Mindset


Since the day we moved in together, budgeting was something we had to become adept in. Tom and I have never been the couple that has a beautifully decorated home that is a welcoming environment for hosting parties or a get-together. (Aside from the fact that I am an introvert and the thought of throwing a dinner party gives me anxiety). Our furniture has always been second-hand or discounted, our towels are old, worn, and don’t match. Things are mishmash in here and if I am being honest, very cluttered, and unwelcoming to guests. This is something that I am working on. Now that we have repaid a lot of debt and Tom is working at the most stable, well-paying job we have ever had I am trying to slowly replace things and redecorate. It is hard to get out of the “can’t afford better” mindset though. We went to Ikea a few weeks ago to replace our hamper. We originally bought a super inexpensive $6 hamper from there last year and my intent was to buy the same one. Ours broke because it obviously couldn’t withstand my husband forcefully cramming his laundry into it. It is like a laundry full force slam dunk and the legs bent and broke off.


When we found the laundry hamper section I gravitated to the cheap ones automatically. Tom had to stop me and say “Sara, we can afford a better one now so you can look for nicer ones this time.” It was hard to bring myself to a point where I was okay with spending $45 on a nice woven hamper. But I did and it is definitely nicer looking and much, much sturdier. It kind of resembles a snake charmer’s basket.



Right now my dining table has chipped paint (DIY project gone bad) and it is covered in crafts, toys, school supplies, and clothes. The corner of the main room also has a stack of Tom’s clothes that he never manages to put away. He just rifles through looking for what he wants when he wants it. But if I put them away he is asking me at 4:00 a.m. where something is. I can’t win. Our coffee table is too big for the space and is hard to manoeuvre around, and the couch is cute but not very comfortable or welcoming. Don’t get me started on the girl’s room. Let’s just say it is in dire need of a purge and cleaning. I see all these beautiful pictures of kid’s rooms on Pinterest and Instagram. How do they keep these rooms clean? It’s like their kids don’t even go in there. If my kids sneezes, toys end up scattered around the room. It is very disheartening.


I feel so overwhelmed sometimes it is hard to even know where to start. We have been scouring Kijiji looking for a Ikea Friheten couch for sale but we always seem are too slow in responding and miss them. We bought our current couch second-hand for $150 from one of Tom’s bosses who was just looking to get rid of it. It was actually a really great deal because I looked it up online and it is an Italian designer couch by Moroso. Apparently this couch was worth about $6000+ new so our $150 seems well spent. It’s just not quite comfortable enough to be our main couch. It was great in our last place where the living room was larger and we had two sofas . We have a plan though. We are going to try to sell it to a higher end used furniture store. If we can get a few hundred dollars out of it then we can turn around and buy the couch that we want. I hope it pans out.



My next “something is broken and needs replacing” dilemma is my vacuum. It’s only about 1.5 years old but the damn thing broke off its bottom center wheels. Tom said we would buy a new one, but I can’t justify a new purchase yet.  My mindset says that if I stick the wheels back in and make sure just to roll it around carefully then I can still use it. They stay in place unless I lift it. It ends up being an awkward vacuuming experience but it is doable. Most people would just pitch it though. I think I need help with adjusting to this new mindset. Does anyone else have these same issues with buying new things?


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