Vision Board Inspiration

 A friend of mine posted her 2015 vision board online the other day and I was inspired. I am naturally a very pessimistic person so I thought I would try to make my own vision board and include some things that I know are probably far-fetched (unless I win the lottery) but I am going to try to be more optimistic this year. Pessimism has given me nothing but exactly what I thought it would so maybe the opposite will be true. One can only hope, since apparently you get back what you put out into the universe. Or something like that.


My vision board includes:

– Blogging/journaling/writing, this blog is part of that. Over the next year I would like to see how it grows and in what direction it takes.

– Self study. I plan on focusing on my French language study as well as take free online courses whenever I find something that interests me. I always find interesting classes on Coursera throughout the year.

– Self love. If I can find true self-love to a deep cellular level then it will radiate outwards affecting my whole life.

– Live life, don’t just go through the motions. I swear I have lost a few years where it really felt like I was only existing, not living fully. I call some of that experience mommy zombie survival mode.  I have missed a lot of opportunities because of that.

– Saving. This is a big one for me since it can affect so much of our everyday life. With saving comes budgeting since they naturally go together. Living paycheck to paycheck just doesn’t cut it. There have been several instances this year that if we had a savings built we could have prevented a lot of unnecessary stress. Saving for a couch is a small goal. In our last home we had two couches, one big and one small. When we move to this condo we couldn’t bring the big one due to its size so we just moved the smaller one with us. We have noticed that it just doesn’t cut it as the only couch. It’s definitely not a family lounging couch so a larger one is necessary in the near future. The one that we have our eye on isn’t very expensive, but since we don’t have a savings it may be a while. We want the Ikea Friheten because it is the perfect size and will double as a bed if we have guests (which is integral in a tiny condo).

– Yoga. My resolution this year is to be able to do a yoga handstand. My overall strength and flexibility need to be honed to be able to pull this off but I am determined.

– Travel. Somewhere. Anywhere. My preference is Europe because that is where my mind and heart are drawn, but I would be content with any family vacation right now.

– A tattoo. I have had this tattoo on my mind for years now. I want a whimsical compass rose on my foot. It is inspired from my from wanderlust and I would like it on the top my foot because that is what leads me in the direction that I want to go.

– A completely organized and full dream closet. I pulled this closet from Ikea and would love to be able to duplicate it someday. I would be satisfied this year to have some semblance of an organized closet with a few delightful new pieces in it on a smaller scale.

My vision board is relatively basic and self-explanatory. Some pieces are small and only need to be found within myself and others harder to attain because of life’s circumstances. I will remain positive, determined, and self-assured. Here is hoping you achieve your visions and dreams in 2015.



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