Being Broke Does Not Mean Being Unfashionable

I may be broke but that doesn’t mean my tastes are inexpensive or I look like I don’t have any money. It just means it may take me a while to save for what I want and the items on my wish list are in budget and within my income level. But believe me, if I had a lot of money there would be more than one item in my closet and home that was designer and expensive. I’m not saying I would spend obscene amounts of money on new clothes or redecorating but I would buy some pricier items without the guilt that usually accompanies it. I’ve lived my whole life as just scraping by, or lower-mid level middle class so I only know what it is like to either have to save for a purchase, or just keep it in the wishful thinking box in my brain. I am not talking about saving for a Chanel purse, but more around the price range of RayBans and Hunter Boots. Chanel and other luxury brands will probably forever be in my wishful thinking brain box. I do like to look though. My Pinterest is full of high-end clothing and decorating ideas. I usually just pin and then try to pick pieces I can emulate cheaper from things I already own or from less expensive retailers.

I have kids so as a parent I know the guilt that accompanies wanting to buy yourself something new and trying to justify spending your newly saved money on yourself and not your kids. Because of this my wardrobe doesn’t get refreshed as much as I would like, but I make do. I have got really good at bargain hunting and finding style for less dollars. I try to buy pieces that will mix and match well with what I already own so that I can get a lot of different outfits from few pieces which cuts down a lot on cost. I also like to go into a season with a mental list of things that I want or need. This helps me to not buy a ton of impulse items so that I get items that I will wear to death and will also match the stuff I already own. I recently made my spring wish list. I spent some time looking online and through my closet to decide what things would be wise purchases. Most of the items I want right now come from H&M because they are both great prices, cute, and it is right down the street from me. I go through this same process with my kids. Every season we go through their closets and purge things that don’t fit, are wearing out, or things they just plain don’t wear anymore and donate the good stuff. I then make an inventory of what they have for the season and what they will need. Now that my oldest is 10 she has a lot of opinions and her taste is changing so shopping with her is becoming a lot more fun. Although I still like being able to dress my 4-year-old the way I want and she really doesn’t care one way or another. Except she really likes yellow.



1. Grey Oversized T-shirt | H&M $9.95 (different colours)
2. Imitation Leather Pants | H&M $34.95
3. Grey 3/4 Sleeve Sweater | H&M $17.95
4. Black & White Striped Dress | H&M $24.95
5. Maxi Dress | H&M $12.95
6. Skinny Jeans | H&M $39.95
7. Black Wool Hat | H&M $24.95
8. Aviators | H&M $7.95
9. Leather Ballet Flats | Aldo $60
10. Beaded Necklace | Aldo $14.98 Sale
11. Oversized Sweater | H&M $30 Sale (different colour)
12. Crossbody Purse | H&M $12.95

The bonus about this list is that it can easily be a carry-on packing list. If combined creatively you could create 12 different outfits with theses pieces by layering and mix and matching. I’ll be adding this to my travel board on interest.


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