What to See in Munich, Germany

Munich Souvenir Ideas
Souvenir and Gift Ideas from Munich

1.  Beer mugs or steins
2. Christmas decorations – home of the Christmas market and creator of the original Christmas tree, a lot beautiful decorations can be found here.
3. Bavarian Mustard
4. Your favourite Bavarian Beer
5. Vintage bottle opener
6. Beer Boot – Legend says that the beer boot was born when a Prussian General had a glass boot made to fulfill his dare of ‘drinking beer from his boot. The tradition sticks today.
7. Nymphenburg Porcelain
8. Traditional Dirndl
9. Gingerbread  Continue Reading

What to see in Brussels, Belgium


Brussels Souvenir Ideas

Souvenir Ideas

1. Speculoos Spread–  Known as cookie butter, it is like Nutella but a more cookie flavoured spread. Apparently it is delicious.
2. A collection of beer glasses for different types of beer. Pair a glass with a bottle of beer and you have a great gift for someone.
3. Maison Dandoy Gingerbread
4. Savonneries Bruxelloises soaps. A variety of different scents.
5. Belgium Map Pillow – Etsy
6. Beauty products from the local Pharmacie. Like JYB Cosmetics
7. Pierre Marcolini Chocolates
8. Pomme-Pidou Ceramic bank. Various animals.
9. Belgian Rotary Waffle Maker  Continue Reading