What to Pack for London Christmas + New Years

What to Pack for London 10 Days at Christmas and New Years Eve #packinglist #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

Tank/Cami • H&M | Pretty Blouse • Mango | Striped Shirt • Mango | Pink Shirt • Mango |
Classic Blouse • H&M | Pullover • Mango | Cardigan • Mango | Black Sweater • H&M |
Black Dress • Lands’ End | Denim • Mango | Casual Denim • Gap | Black Pants • H&M |
Jacket • Mango | Scarf • River Island | Hat • H&M | Sunglasses • Off 5th | Flats • Mango |
Rain Boots • Hunter | Booties • Dune London | Tote • TJ Maxx | Crossbody • Dune |

I have got a lot of requests lately. Like a lot. More than I can keep up with, but I am really trying, so if you sent me a request and have not seen it yet it is probably coming. I am just trying to get the Christmas/winter lists done first. It’s hard to sit down at my computer for extended periods of time since my husband works 16-18 hours a day and I home school the girls. I don’t really get much downtime or a break throughout the day. This is definitely not a woe is me post, it’s just a little background info so you can see that I really am trying I just haven’t figured out a balance that doesn’t include me going to bed at 4am ;)

I know I do a lot of London posts but in reality London is one of the most popular destination requests I get. I haven’t done a one for the Christmas/NYE  season yet so that is what this week’s packing list is. December and January weather at this time of year averages around 6°C with a high amount of rainfall. I included a short rain boot in this list because of the high amount of rain/snow but any type of weather appropriate boot will work in this instance. 6°C isn’t that cold (if you are used to a lot colder winters) so hardcore winter gear is not necessary.

Since this is a Christmas vacation if you are bringing presents with you then a) wear your heaviest items while travelling to pack less  (which you should do anyway) and b) roll your clothes while packing. It takes up less room so you can squeeze some gifts in there as well.  I usually suggest folding clothes normally on the way there and rolling them on the way home so you have room to bring home souvenirs but in this instance you will might be bringing more than you are bringing home.

Outfit ideas for list post can be found in this post.

Have a great Christmas in London! I might be just a little envious ;)

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What to Pack New York City Four Days in December

What to Pack for New York City for 4 days in December Packing Light List #packinglight #travellight #travel #packinglist #raveltips
(c) Can Stock Photo / jovannig

Tank / Cami • H&M | Striped Shirt • H&M | Blouse • H&M | Oversized Sweater • H&M |
Black Pullover • H&M | Blazer • Marks and Spencer | Jeans • H&M | Black Pants • Mango | Dress • H&M |
Coat • Mango | Scarf • Shiraleah | Knit Hat • Everlane |  Boots • Zara | Sneakers • Adidas |
Flats • Nordstrom | Purse • Sole Society | Clutch  • Nordstrom
Imagine you are going to New York City for Christmas for 4 days with your girlfriends. What do you pack? My first thought…..I don’t know. I will probably never be going to New York with girlfriends for Christmas because my kids lose their shit if I even leave the apartment to throw the garbage down the chute without them (Well not so much Roo but the Merle for sure. She is my shadow), but then I focused, realized that this isn’t about me and compiled a list for the woman who requested it ;)

It’s a pretty basic list with outfits that are comfortable for a lot of walking and options suitable for dinners and the theatre. The only stipulation was that no heels could be included due to foot issues so I tried to come up with an alternative that would still look dressy. A mule is sleek, sexy, and gives the illusion of a dressier shoe because of the open heel. It shouldn’t be too cold or snowy at this time of the year so breaking out your full winter regalia won’t be necessary either. A nice wool coat, sweaters, winter hat/scarf, and comfortable footwear will be fine for visiting one of the greatest cities on earth.

I will put together 10 outfit options for this list in next post.

I can’t believe how fast Christmas is sneaking up. Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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What to Pack for Boston and San Francisco

What to Pack for Boston and San Francisco 10 Day Packing Light List #packinglight #travellight #packinglist #travel #traveltips© Can Stock Photo / appalachianviews

T-shirt • Mango | Blue Blouse • H&M | Striped Shirt • Joe Fresh | Tunic • H&M |
Classic Blouse • TopShop | Oversized Sweater • H&M | Turtleneck • H&M |
Moto Jacket • H&M | Dress • Zara | Skirt • H&M | Denim • H&M | Black Pants • H&M |
Trench • H&M | Scarf • Nordstrom | Hat • Madewell | Sunglasses • Eloquii |
Booties • Nordstrom Rack | Flats • Aldo | Tote • Dune | Crossbody • Asos
I’m quite late with posting this post because I although I am not American, I like most of the world stayed up to watch the election and I spent today catching up on what I slacked on yesterday. It’s probably obvious that I am on the extreme left of liberal so without turning this in to a political post it’s fair to say I am very disappointed and a little scared at the outcome.

Now on to the post. I got a message from an Australian that is coming to run the Boston Marathon this April (Kudos to you because I could never do it in a million years). The trip will also be extended to San Francisco so we have a mixed list today. It’s really hard to predict weather in April. It’s that season that can have both a hot spell and snow within a 24 hour period so pay attention the weather stations up until the day you are leaving for your trip so you can adjust what you need to bring if needed. You might have to swap out for a heavier coat, or different footwear. Take this list as a generic suggestions not written in stone. I based it on the weather averages for both cities in April which ranges from 11°C – 16°c with a drop at night, so a few sweaters and a mid-lightweight jacket will be sufficient. I included a moto and a trench because a) a trench is good for rain and b) I usually like to include a blazer with but I figure it may be too cold for that as a light jacket and a moto would work better in its place. Use your discretion.

The trip is for 3 weeks but the general rule is when going on vacation for 1 week, pack for 1 week, going for two weeks, pack for two weeks, for a three week trip pack for 1 week because you will probably have access to laundry at some point during that time. I usually stick to a 10 days because it is the average number of days for a long distance vacation.

The look I was asked for is an Audrey Hepburn classic look with some Euro, and the colour palette is fairly dark leaning towards navy blue and black. I added a little colour with the purse, but it can easily be added with colourful/printed scarves, shoes, and/or accessories if that is what you are looking for.

Outfit options are in this post.

Good luck in the marathon!

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What to Pack for Spain in Winter – Packing Light

What to Pack for Spain 10 Days in winter #packinglight #travellight #packinglist #travel #traveltips

Tank • H&M | T-shirt • H&M | Classic Blouse • H&M | Print Blouse • Zara |
Dressy Top • Zara | Dolman Top • Mango | Pullover • Madewell | Turtleneck • H&M |
Blazer • Mango | Black Dress • Zara | Casual Denim • Madewell | Dark Denim • H&M |
Black Pants • Mango |  Wool Coat • H&M | Hat • Nordstrom | Scarf • Madewell |
Sunglasses • Azalea | Flats • Yosi Samra | Slip-ons • Jeffrey Campbell |
Booties • Asos |  Tote • Oasis | Clutch • Asos

Scenario: Travelling from your warm and humid country to the Murcia, Spain region at the end of December – beginning of January for 10 days. You will be meeting your boyfriends family for the first time and want dress weather appropriately while still looking casual but elegant with an edge. Dress to impress while still keeping it minimal.

Solution: While Spain isn’t cold by a lot of standards (you are looking at an average of 10°C – 12°C) at this time of the year if you are coming from someplace that is warm and humid in comparison it will feel cold so it’s best to be prepared for that. It won’t be necessary to pack a down filled jacket (unless there is some freak freezing cold spell) so a standard wool jacket along with some sweaters, and tops for layering will be your best bet and will also work if there is a freak hot day ;)

I decided to get a causal elegance look that I would include dressier tops to pair with jeans which will bring in the casualness. The colours that she likes are black, grey, blue, green, light pink, and colourful prints. It’s hard to get all of those colours in together and still have a fully mix and match wardrobe so I just made sure my elections reflected the colours she likes in various forms. She likes both skinny and boyfriend style jeans and mostly shoes with a flat sole. Cute and comfortable is key. I decided that pretty blouses in various colours  and prints would be a good choice to pair with jeans, I also included a lovely velvet blazer, and a few sweaters. Since this trip is during the holiday season I also chose a nice black dress that would work well for New Years if you plan on celebrating. These options should easily get you through 10 days. Outfit options will be in the next post.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Spain meeting your boyfriends family.

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What to Pack for Paris, France in Spring

What to Pack for Paris France in April Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #travetips #40plusTank/Cami • Marks and Spencer | Blue Blouse • H&M | Striped shirt • Boden |
Classic Blouse • H&M | Tunic Shirt • H&M | Grey Sweater • Madewell | Turtleneck • Mango |
Cardigan • Marks and Spencer | Midi Skirt • Mango | Black Dress • H&M | Denim • Gap |
Wool Pants • Banana Republic | Black Pants • H&M | Dress Jacket • Mango | Jacket • Madewell |
Scarf • Marks and Spencer | Watch • Daniel Wellington | Flats • Yosi Samra | Heels • Sole Society |
Booties • Marc Fisher | Tote • French Connection | Clutch • Danielle Nicole |

The packing list for this week is a honeymoon in April trip to Paris, France. It’s actually 5 days in Paris and 7 days on a cruise on the Rhone River but that’s too long for a title, so Paris it is ;) Keeping in mind that the wearer is 40+ and her chosen colours being shades of grey (hehe) and blue this was the idea I put together.

In April the weather is transitioning to spring and can still be cool, even cold at times. That tied with being on the river for the cruise made me include more sweaters, and heavier knit items. My inspiration was a bit of minimalism combined with a hint of Audrey Hepburn. I included heels in this list because people tend to dress up for dinner on cruises in varying degrees of formal, although I did choose a lower kitten heel style for more comfort.

I tried to keep the list streamlined, versatile, and affordable (the wool coat is at the higher end at $250), while still easy to replicate from you own closet or from other stores. I hope I was able to give you some good inspiration for your trip. As always several of these pieces are included as your travel outfit. TYou wear the heaviest/bulkiest items to keep the suitcase light. Outfit ideas will be in the next post.

Do you have a favourite colour palette when you travel?

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